Days 6 and 7

Day 6, 8:58pm: Glenn and Logan check out the reward room for the first time. Instantly they both say that there should be a chick in the room. Glenn says that there is no way he can sleep in the room. He reveals he should’ve invited Michelle into the room with him. Glenn pops the champagne open. Both boys admit that it might have been uncomfortable if they had chosen a girl because it’s only day 6. Out at the dining room, where all other housemates are eating a roman feast, Gianna makes mention that the boys will get bored in the room with no girls to talk to. Back in the reward room, Glenn says “Two guys…it’s a bit awkward isn’t it!” Logan says that it shouldn’t be a problem, they sleep in the same bed anyway! They go onto talk about how they think the reward room will be a weekly event. Logan says that if he won next week he would bring Glenn in ahgain. Glenn suggests he bring Gianna, and all Logan says back is “Oh yeh..” Back at the table, Gianna, obviously obsessed with Logan, says “I wonder if Logan won who he would take.” To add to the cheesy-ness of the moment, she adds a ‘highschool’ laugh at the end. Glen poses a hypothetical back in the reward room. He says if Logan and Gianna were in the room together, would anything happen. Logan says it would be relaxing, he would watch a movie with her, get into bed and then make his move.

After dinner, Constance comes to the diary room. She tells BB that she has lost her nose ring in the arena earlier tonight. She says she has Michael’s in at the moment because she doesn’t want the hole to close up. She says it cost her $60 to get it put in, and that the ring is only about $7. She then asks BB to buy her another ring. We then cut to the bedroom where Kate and Nelson are chatting. Kate asks him if he respects Constance. He replies “Yeh, absolutely.” Constance comes out of the DR and tells Gianna about it. She says she gave a quick version to BB, but he didn’t understand her at all. Back to Nelson and Kate, and Nelson says of Constance “she’s tough as nails.” Kate agrees, but then says “she is, but she’s not.” Nelson understands what she is saying. Constance comes into the room and gives Nelson a hug. She tells them both that they will be able to buy a ring from the shopping. Nelson says “What a jew.” Nelson is immediately called to the diary room.

10:40pm: Nelson enters the diary room. Big Brother asks Nelson to repeat what he just called BB. Nelson can’t remember. Big Brother suggests he take some time to try to remember. We see clips of Nelson at different times, and he finally speaks out at 11:21pm. He says “It’s become obvious to both of us that I can’t remember what I said.” Big Brother then tells him that he is awarded Nelson a strike for calling Big Brother a jew. He goes on to tell Nelson that 3 strikes and a person may be out of the house.

3:29am: Glenn and Nelson both exit the reward room and come back to the main bedroom to sleep. The other housemates can’t understand why they would want to. Dean says goodnight to everyone, while Logan and Gianna start play fighting on one of their beds. Most of the other housemates are watching the two of them, except Angela who says she can’t see anything! Gianna and Logan continue to behave like school kids in love, then start cuddling. Logan, hearing all the laughing, says “shutup. I’m trying to sleep. Genuine!” Over the other side of the room, Christie, Glenn and Angela are watching on. Angela asks what they think is going on over there. Glenn, with the quote of the week, says “I don’t know, but you smell good.” Christie says that she thinks they are kissing. Then she adds ‘thats a good thing’ so she doesn’t sound so jealous. As we cut to a break, we see a clip of Kate asking Nelson why he lied. He says “Rather than give myself a good chance, I wanted to give it my best chance.”

Day 7, 2:28pm: The boys are all playing soccer, and Hotdogs and Logan are fighting for the ball when Michael comes in from the side with a hip and shoulder, making LOgan go crashing through the glass and breaking it. He has hurt his shoulder region. Kate is quick on the scene to help out, as the girls watch on. Some of the girls are convinced that his cut on his backside needs stitches. Logan doesn’t think so however. He is called to the diary room, where Big Brother asks if he is ok. He says he’s fine, but he is worried about the swaping of the twins etc. BB interrupts and tells him that a nurse is ready to attend to him. The nurse comes and bandages him up. Out in the spa, Hotsdogs and Dean are quizzing Gianna about his feelings for Logan. She admits that she is attracted to him. Dean asks if she won the reward, who would she take with her? She doesn’t know. Dean, in a nice way, then encourages her to give it a go. She says she will, revealing they had a little cuddle last night.

3:46pm: Glenn is called to the diary room to make his choices on who should attend to which chores for the week ahead. He tells BB his choices, then goes outside to give the housemates the bad news. He tells Michael that he is the shopkeeper/chef. He doesn’t say anything, but if looks could kill! He tells Michelle that she is the kitchenhand. Perhaps she is never seen in the kitchen, because there is a roar of laughter. He tells them that he took the farmhand job for himself. Next he tells Tim that he’s the gardner, and that Kate is the housekeeper. Kate says “Thats it Glenn!”. He lastly informs Logan that he is the baker, and he seems fine with that. The housemates which chores go on and read aloud their responsibilities.

4:36pm: The housemates are sitting on the couch, watching a video on how to care for the animals. The animals will be kept in the games arena. Big Brother gives them an hour to see their new housemates. Kate loves them, but Geneva doesn’t really look like an animal person. Nelson talks to a little animal for a while. Before you know it though, Big Brother is calling them back to the house. Meanwhile, in the isolation room, the nurse is applying bandages to the other Logan so that he can be ready for a swap.

7:02pm: Logan is called to the diary room for a switch. The new Logan is caught up on all the info. Logan Greg asks where the reward room is. He is told. Also, he asks if Logan David is showering. Logan David says yeh in his speedo’s, however, Logan Greg tells David that he went nude with Dean the other day. After 3 minutes, Logan Greg rejoins his housemates.

12:30am: Several housemates, including Logan, are playing a game. Geneva tells Logan that he looks different today. Kate says that he must be pale from the glass incident. She asks him if he got any medication. He says “nah……I dunno, I got a tablet.” Cut to the break with a clip with all housemates being told by BB that some people lied to get into the house. BB goes on to say that he will ask each housemate a series of questions. All housemates must answer truthfully, and the answers will effect a housemates time in the house.

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