Day 8

7.39pm – Glenn has taken Gianna to help him feed tha animals. The animals include 2 piglets, 2 lambs, 2 goats and 1 alpaca. Glenn and Gianna are still yawning as they greet the animals. “Hello little darlings, I know you’re hungry aren’t you”. Gianna feeds the piglets. Meanwhile Big Brother announces to the housemates the hot water is now on – and the bedroom lights come on. Everyone is looking annoyed – Tim stirs and goes back to sleep. Gianna and Glenn are now bottlefeeding the piglets, and Glenn jokes, telling the piglet to “neck it”.

Inside Logan Greg is up and has been assigned the Baker task. Logan David has made the bread several times – but Greg hasn’t done it at all, so tries to get some hints from Dean. Gianna and Glenn are now feeding the lambs. Logan Greg has picked up something from the cupboard – but it’s powdered milk and it has nothing to do with bread making – much to the confusion of Dean and Tim who are lurking in the kitchen.

Logan Greg is now asking for the bread making instructions, and Dean is giving him a hand – sorta. When the storeroom is opened Dean leaves Greg on his own.

1.37pm – Gianna is platting Christie’s hair in the bathroom, and explains she has noticed a changed in Logan’s behavior (they slept in the same bed 2 nights before). She says she likes him but wants to take it slow. Christie says thats really cute, and she thinks he likes her back – but do take it slow. Gianna isn’t one to jump into things, she explains. Outside Logan Greg is doing some cleaning up outside. While Glenn, Nelson, Dean and Michelle are in the spa. Glenn explains there is something odd about Logan: he thinks he has a twin. The spa group decide to keep this to themselves, and go on discussing it further. Michelle totally agrees, saying they should pull his patch off to check. Glenn says he’s been monitoring Logan’s facial features. Michelle was wondering why he always looked so different and behaved so differently on different nights. Glenn says they were on different wavelengths last night – he had convenient short memory. Michelle: “you are not wrong, you are not wrong”.

Glenn wants to confront him now. They decide to bring him over and call for Logan to come over.


2.36pm – Logan comes over to the spa, and the spa HMs ask if they can have a look at his deep cut. Logan says there is stuff all over it and he can’t take it off – he’s not allowed. Dean starts saying “you are a liar! you’re sprung mate!”. The other HMs continue with the playful jabs. Logan Greg can’t help smiling but continues to play dumb. Glenn and Michelle call for him to come over so they can take the bandage off. Logan keeps saying “which brother? I’ve got 3 sisters. I haven’t got a brother I’ve got cousins”. Dean says to give Logan credit for keeping this a secret for the whole week. Logan’s defnense is crumbling before him. Nelson tells Logan to go to the diary room and bring out the other brother. They all say he has a twin and Logan asks “how, how can I have a twin?”. Dean says his tattoo is different and he won’t show them his cut. Logan says the tattoo changes all the time and he can’t show the cut for medical reasons.

They start asking about a mark on his shoulder. Logan says it’s a shoulder reconstruction. The spa HMs say his brother never had a shoulder reconstruction. Logan says “if I had a brother, he would”. The HMs burst out laughing: “so busted!”. Dean says they won’t tell the others. Logan: “tell what?!”. Michelle says she likes Logan Greg better anyway. Michelle goes on to explain the differences in the bandages between the two housemates. Glenn has noticed ‘inconsistancies’ – in conversations from night to night. Michelle says the other one is fatter around the guts – she gets Logan Greg to show his bod, and she definately agrees after that. Michelle puts out her hand for Logan to come closer, but he says she will pull him in the spa and he has stitches. Dean says a minute ago Logan said he didn’t have stiches. They all agree both Logans are pretty good fellas. They then talk about when they swap and how they swap in the diary room.

Michelle gets out of the spa and points where the bandage should be. Logan Greg pretends it’s really sore – very badly! The HMs all have a big laugh about Logan’s fake pain. Michelle screams “it doesn’t hurt!” laughing and hitting him. Logan Greg wants to leave now. Poor Greg!


3.19pm – Glenn is telling Logan Greg how he was looking for different facial features. Big Brother tells the housemates to pack their bags immediately. Nelson screams I’m being evicted!”. They all start to pack their bags and Geneva is very excited. Outside Glenn tells Logan he’s getting a bit freaked out. Glenn says he should have kept his mouth shut, and he’s having a few doubts. Logan says there’s nothing wrong with saying what you feel. In the bedroom the HMs mention Glenn knows whats going on with BB’s sudden announcement. In the bathroom Glenn tells Hotdogs about the Logan twins. Hotdogs has a laugh and says – “oh bullshit”. Glenn explains his theory and Hotdogs says “that would have to be on the money”. Nelson and Dean walk in. Glenn thanks Hotdogs for keeping it a secret but Nelson wants to tell everyone – Constance first. The boys all recon’ the Logans are swapping from house to house.

Later in the bedroom it seems most of the housemates now know. Tim says he knew that Logan looked different from when he first arrived in the house. In the living room there is a theory of another house, and that the public is going to evict one whole house. Dean jokes the other Logan is less boring, and Logan laughs. They all agree this Logan has a different laugh. Hotdogs says “so last night when you told me you loved me you were lying?”. Logan Greg says “I love everyone”. Michelle, Kate and Angela are in a huddle talking about how this Logan isn’t “my Logan”.

Hotdogs has his arm around Logan and asks the housemates “do you know why Logan always had to walk away from people?.. this is my mate Bogan”. They all say he has a different look in his eyes, and Hotdogs says this Logan has earlobes. Logan Greg is nervous and says “I don’t have earlobes!”. Outside Gianna is silent and Kate confronts her – Gianna doesn’t want to make a big deal about it and she really doesn’t know right now because she really likes him. They call her inside and she sits down next to Christie. She says the twin thing is fucked. Christie says she likes one of them. Gianna says “what a fucking mean game, I don’t like being a guinea pig”. Christie says Gianna is sad which brings Angela over. Angela is convinced it’s true. Geneva gasps and recalls this morning when Logan didn’t know where the break making instructions were, when he has made break previously. Gianna looks devastated. Michelle wonders why sometimes there is a connection with Logan then the next day nothing. They talk about the moving or dissapearing scar, and Geneva gasps, fully in the moment and explains Logan’s less-than-convincing reason: “it comes and goes some days”. The girls have a good laugh.


8.28pm – All housemates are in the bedroom. Big Brother announces some HMs have broken the rules and have used deception to enter the house. He reminds them about the ‘singles only’ rule. The following housemates must leave immediately using the eviction stairs: Constance, Nelson and Dean. The HMs start to say goodbye and Big Brother tells them to leave immediately. Michelle and Christie look shocked. Geneva says “oh, no way!”. Upstairs Nelson, Dean and Constance enter the punishment room. Nelson jumps up and down, excited that its a “fake” eviction. Big Brother announces how they have deceived Big Brother. He has decided their fate and will tell them in due time. Downstairs the HMs are talking about how those three were the most loud housemates. Glenn wonders if they will get their fine money back. Michael says it’s a good question.

The isolated housemates are inspecting the punishment room. They won’t know what time of the day it is. Downstairs Big Brother says there is one more deception that needs to be cleared up. Glenn is called to the diary room. He is greeted by Gretel. She brings in Logan Greg and he reveals his bandage – there is no cut underneath. Logan David is brought in from the isolation room and Glenn is shocked. Gretel then gets Glenn to leave the diary room, he tells the other housemates there is a cut under the bandage and there are no twins. Big Brother suddenly announces the presentation of the two twins – who walk out of the diary room. All of the housemates jump up and scream and give the Logans a hug – especially Logan David. Gianna is smiling but keeps her distance from the Logans.

Upstairs the isolated housemates can hear the screaming and Nelson says “looks like they got over us fast:”. Constance says “yeah it doesn’t sound like they’re mourning us”. Dean is trying to work the microwave to cook his dinner. Downstairs the girls are working out which Logan they kissed. Glenn sits back and watches whats going on. Angela is upset about the departure of the 3 lying housemates, and teary-eyed. Gianna is more concerned with the two Logans. Kate comes over and tries to cheer up Angela.

Logan David has become the centre of attention as he describes how he tried to survive in the house. The housemates quickly move onto the topic of Gianna and tell Logan David if he has feelings for her he should go and talk to her right now (Gianna is in the bathroom now). Kate questions Gianna about it – Gianna thinks this makes her look stupid. Kate says thats not true because she spent all of her time with “redshirt” (Logan David) and nothing happened with Logan Greg. Kate says it’s nothing – there isn’t anything right now. Gianna doesn’t even know if Logan David likes her back. Kate says if anything he can be himself more now that the twin deception is over.


8.47pm – Logans are chatting it all up with the housemates. In the bedroom Tim is talking to Hotdogs about the isolated housemates. He says Constance was like a quick shot of rum – he enjoyed her but found Nelson just… really aggressive. He doesn’t agree with any of Nelson’s racist comments. He says Dean was the “sniggering behind his hand type” too. Hotdogs says it was impossible to listen to everything and believe in their mind what they were saying – if they had lied to get in here what would they do to stay in here. Gianna joins them and says it was on her mind all week as well. She gets a cuddle from Hotdogs, which shuts Tim up. He eventually asks if she’s ok. Gianna starts crying again.

Logan Greg comes in and asks Gianna if she’s ok. Gianna says she doesn’t know which is which, but Greg says it’s David in the loungeroom she should be thinking about. Logan Greg says he would have given her cuddles but didn’t think it was right. Gianna says thankyou. Gianna is looking all flustered and overwhelmed right about now. She reinterates what she said to Kate earlier. Logan Greg tells her she will be alright, she just needs to concentrate on David. They clear it up she kissed Logan Greg in the spa – but she hasn’t kissed Logan David yet! Greg bit her lip on one occastion.

In the ‘holding room’ the 3 liars are in bed discussing the other housemates and who likes who. Nelson tells Constance Angela and Geneva bitched behind her back. Constance won’t believe it.

Meanwhile Angela and Geneva ARE bitching about them behind their backs – along with a Michael, Christie, Kate and Logan Greg in in the spa. Michael says those three were the ones he was least close to. He explains they were nasty at times and thats why they weren’t close with many others in the house. Geneva says it shows they can get close to anyone and have them taken away at any second. In the bedroom David says to Hotdogs he has to go and talk to Gianna, who is now in the spa. He will do it later, apparently. They talk about Gianna. She, meanwhile is silent in the spa while the housemates once again go over the list of things that gave the twins away.

Logan David comes out to the spa. Gianna spies him and looks scared, and quickly looks away again. He joins them in the spa and says the bandages are waterproof. Logan David, infront of everyone!.. asks if Gianna is happy. She says she didn’t know what was going on. They talk about the possibilty of Gianna getting with both Logans. David wants to shave his facial hair now.


12.47pm – In the kitchen Gianna says she has to start all over again. Logan says don’t worry because he wouldn’t have made her look stupid on purpose. Gianna says the other Logan kept his head down away from her – he stayed right away from her. It seems they have been left alone to talk now.

12.52am – Tim and Angela are discussing the lying housemates. They said those three never gave any effort to help the housemates in the house. In the bedroom HMs comment it is now quieter now they have lost the loudest housemates. Hotdogs says other HMs will now ‘come out’ now they won’t be intimidated by those three. Gianna says all she wanted was David to give him a cuddle – but it never happened. The HMs say it’s ok because he was scared. Hotdogs is positive and says it doesn’t matter because they have heaps of time.

2.58am – The lights are finally turned out in the isolation room. Nelson is annoyed because he isn’t in bed yet, but Dean and Constance are.

In the main bedroom Logan Greg is tucking in with Christie while David sits on another bed. Gianna’s ears prick up at Chrsitie’s annoucement and Gianna says “so what I have to sleep on my own?”. She looks very annoyed. Big Brother announces Logan David isn’t wearing his microphone – $5000 fine. Angela tells everyone to sleep with their microphone. Christie goes over to Gianna and tells her to go over to David and ask for a hug. Apparently David is feeling ackward right now. Christie says they are both great guys, she is a major flirt and will talk to either one. She just wants a man to play with. Everyone wishes each other goodnight.

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