Day 6 Uplate

Mike is riding a segway on the set to start Uplate tonight. Apparently Kate and Constance had a bit of an argument in the house earlier. Straight into the live action however, and we go to the sauna where Hotdogs and Kate are chatting. Kate is saying that if housemates did all the work to get into the house, why on earth would they want to leave. Hotdogs agrees, saying he’ll stay till he’s evicted. Hotdogs gets out of the sauna, and sees Tim and Gianna in the bathroom. They are talking about whether they are allowed to keep the Roman clothes. They are unsure, although Hotdogs thinks that BB will want them back. Gianna leaves, and Hotdogs wonders allowed to Tim whether he is allowed to take his microphone off if he is drying himself off. Tim says as long as you don’t talk.

Mike cuts in and tries to get through the first brainteaser. He doesn’t get that far before we are taken to the spa. Logan, Glenn, Angela, Michael, Geneva and Chrissie are in the spa. Dean and Nelson get out of the spa, and Dean gives us a flash. Mike cuts in very quickly to finally get the first teaser going. Back to the spa, Logan asks Geneva who she would take into the reward room if she could take 4 people. She firstly says Christie and Constance. Christie says “You would want to have sex with me?” Geneva says yeh, going on to say she thinks that Christie would ‘go alright.’ She says she would also pick Michelle and Logan. Logan picks his four. He says he wouldn’t take Michelle, that she just isn’t for him. He picks Glenn, Gianna, Geneva and finally Christie. Ang is a bit peeved because Logan referred to her as a sister type! Glenn makes up for it when he picks Logan, Angela, Michelle and Geneva. Christie and Logan suddenly start kissing. I didn’t even see a bottle going round, but there is. Christie says that Logan is a good kisser. Christie is next with Michael. Christie complains that he bit her lip. Mike interrupts to inform us that Christie has now kissed both Logan’s. Christie jumps back on Logan, and Logan goes down for a bit of boob action. Glenn gets out and goes to the toilet in the bushes. Big Brother asks Glenn if he would do that at home, and asks him to come to the diary room.

Mike cuts in with the clue. Logan pashes Angela, then he has to kiss Michael. Michael and Angela are next, followed by Angela and Christie. Angela says that Christie is a good kisser. Angela is next with Logan, and then Logan – Christie get another turn. Geneva wants to give Christie a go, and she finally gets her wish. Logan comes in and joins them for a bit of a three way. Glenn comes back, saying that BB asked him if he would do it at home. He says he told BB he would, cause he’s in the bush and that, and Big Brother accepted that and said no worries. Logan – Geneva get a turn at kissing as we head to the break.

12:10am: Brock wins the first thousand of the night. Back in the spa, LOgan and Christie go for it, followed by Logan and Angela. Hotdogs comes out to say hi and to find out what happened with Glenn. Glenn and Angela now hold the record for the longest pash. Glenn – Christie have a go, Christie – Logan and then Kate comes out to watch as well. She wants Glenn to sing her a song after sucking in some helium. He tries, but it doesn’t really work. Kate then explains that it wasn’t helium, and that she simply blew it up. Kate leaves. Logan pulls Christie’s bikini top off, then Christie makes him put it back on. Michael again kisses Christie, but Christie says that that one was a lot better. Comm break.

12:23am: Clue with Mike. The spa again is the place to be. Spicing it up a little now, going for a little bit of 3 way action. Michael gets Angela and Geneva to pleasure him. Logan gets helped out next by Angela and Christie, and Angela goes for the grope. Big Brother tells Nelson to put his mic on properly, and also for Dean to stop sitting on his mic. Glenn’s turn now with Christie and Geneva. He says that it was great, one of his mostr pleasent experiences. We are taken to the bedroom, where Hotdogs is saying that he doesn’t understand the fun in kissing people over and over. He says he must be getting old. Comm break.

12:36am: Suprise, we’re off to the spa again. Logan is saying that if he won the task, he would take agirl. He says “it’s the ultimate fantasy room.” Glenn says it’s totally made up for sex. However, they both say that even if they had known what the room looked like beforehand, they still would choose each other. Logan says it’s only Day 6, it’s not time for sex just yet. Logan says he’s definately going to sleep in the reward room. Glenn says he’ll probably stay in the normal bedroom, and that way each will get a full double bed to themselves. Angela says that she would take Glenn into the room. Logan is convinced that this game will occur weekly from here on in. Michael is on the phone and he wins a grand. Third game commences, and we go to a comm break.

12:49am: Brainteaser with the clue given. Back to the spa, they are talking about how everyone is playing the game, even if some don’t think they are. Logan says that he has told Glenn that one day he might have to vote for him, because it’s all a game. Angela and Michael both make mention that they aren’t voting out the threats at the start, and that they want to keep the people they like in the house. Big Big Brother (does this guy ever leave and go home?) says “This is Big Brother. All housemates in the spa to the diary room.” He adds, “Logan, please bring a copy of the housemate guidelines with you.” Clue is given with the teaser, and Mike sends us to a break.

1:02am: In the bedrom now. It seems the spa housemates have just come out of the diary room. They ask what happened, and Angela walks through the bedroom and says nothing. Hotdogs asks Constance to make a big deal over this, because he’s too scared too. Hotdogs asks Angela again what happened. She says that they were talking about people in the house, and then it crept too close to nomination talk. She says “I’ll tell you this, saying that you want to keep the people you like in the house, is going too far.” Naturally, Big Brother tells Angela to get to the living room immediately. Will the girl ever learn!? She sits down on the couch. As punishment, it seems they haven’t been fined, but been told to read the entire house rules out loud amongst themselves. Michael starts and we listen to him majorly speed reading for quite a while. Tammy from Tassie wins the third lot of cash for the night. The last one is kicked off. We go back to the bedroom, where the screen shows Michelle and Kate, but they are both silent. Comm break.

1:15am: Clue for the last cash is given. Mike then goes to a new Friday night feature. The top 8 plays of the week as such. At 3 is the Christie “Intellect” comment. Into the bedroom we go and Hotdogs and Dean are talking about movie trailer voice overs. Dean is pretty good at it, and Hotdogs is impressed. They go back to talking about TV jingles, which was mentioned a couple of nights ago. Dean says he isn’t comfortable wearing undies. Out on the couch, Logan has just started reading, but isn’t very good at it, and it’s passed to Angela fairly quickly, who flies through it. Comm break.

1:28am: The spa people have finished reading the lines, and are now in the sauna. Apart from Michael, who wants to talk to BB. Geneva reveals that she really liked the sauna game, but would have preferred Michael not been a part of it. Christie agrees. They decide to go back to the spa, but Angela gets lost on the way and never makes it out there. As soon as they are in, Logan says ‘spin the damn thing.’ They each have a pash but decide they need to spice it up more. They decide to play Truth or Dare, but are interrupted by Tim who is changing mic batteries. They talk about threesomes. Logan says he’s been involved in 3 or 4, but alway 2 girls and him. Greg is on the line and takes the last cash home. Back in the spa, talk has turned to drugs. Logan says he likes to do coke. Christie says she has never touched them. Mike interrupts again and reads some emails. Back in the spa, Christie reveals that she has only had sex with 4 guys, and has gone a year without it because she is waiting for the right guy. Mike cuts in again, again on a Segway, and at 1:47am rides off the set (and crashes), while Dreamworld says goodnight.

Where’s Warren?!

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