Day 5

12.35pm – Housemates are only just getting up after the birthday night celebrations. Nelson and Glenn are both exclaiming a good night happened and debate whether it’s the afternoon yet. Later, Big Brother tells Nelson no one is to prepare food until the windows in the house are cleaned. In the isolation room Logan David is up and cooking himself some breakfast. Logan-Greg and Dean are showering nude. They exchange a few short sentences about sleeping well but nothing too casual – it is two straight guys naked in the same room after all! My high definition computer capture card reveals Logan very quickly glimpsing at Dean’s package before getting into the shower. Dean does the same while Logan walks into the shower holding is private bits, nervously looking at the bathroom door to see if anyone is coming in. Mike reminds us that Logan David doesn’t shower nude.

Meanwhile Christie and Gianna are in the kitchen wanting to cook when Nelson tells them they have to wait until windows are cleaned. Gianna doesn’t know whether to believe Nelson so he just says “go crazy then”. Nelson is immediately called to the diary room with a little gasp from Christie. Nelson is asked why the other housemates are preparing food. Nelson says “I don’t know whether it’s their arrogance or their stupidity, it’s one or the other”.

Christie and Gianna are eating outside, when Nelson comes out of the diary room saying “Big Brother suggests I pass on the information more effectively so fuck off out of the kitchen”. By this time it is Constance and Geneva in the ktichen so they don’t know what he’s talking about. Outside Logan and Glenn are talking about last night. Gianna and Christie are now in the bedroom talking about how some of the guys are getting bitchy – using Nelson earlier as an example. Logan goes to the toilet and notices the red light flashing to tell him there will be a switch. Logan David is brought in to a secret room adjacent the toilet where they exchange information about last night’s party.

Gianna and Christie are explaining how wrapped they are at getting into the BB house. Christie says to take every day as it comes. When Logan emerges, Gianna mentions “the two of you in there at the same time” much to the surprise of Logan David, but she’s actually talking about Nelson being in the other toilet at the same time. She says that it must have been smelly in there because Logan closed the door.


2.57pm – Tim and Kate are on bed and Tim’s explaining how great and gorgeous she is. Mike tells us in the survey conducted by Big Brother earlier, Tim voted Kate as the HM he would most like to kiss. The two are talking about getting engaged (jokingly). Kate wants a special engagement. Tim agrees and says they can’t rush into it because it smacks of the alcohol left over from last night. Kate says he’s now spoiled it brining the drinking into it. Kate says people propose to her all the time then sober up and take it back. She leaves the bedroom.

All houseamates are called to the bedroom to watch an instructional video about riding the Segway transporters for Friday night’s task (which is the day after). They all get strapped up with safety gear and take turns riding the Segways. Hotdogs needs a little help from Michael while Nelson speeds around the place. Michelle is getting coaching from Geneva. Gianna says Nelson is on them all the time and calls for him to get off and let another person have a go. Meanwhile Nelson is reversing all over the place. Glenn starts speeding around corners on the grass and causes a Segway pileup with Hotdogs and Tim.

Gianna is very annoyed now and tells Nelson to get off and let some one else have a go. He tells her to go fuck herself. Gianna is telling other housemates who haven’t had a go yet they should be taking Nelson’s place, but Nelson has raced off again.

6.47pm – Logan David goes to the diary room for housekeeping matters, but stays to talk about the housemates. He says it’s really amazing the fights that go on when you spend 12 hours away from the house. He says his strategy should be more layed back from now on. He’s confident and wants to do the swaps for two weeks.


7.37pm – All housemates to the lounge. They are now being tested on the task. Kate is asked which housemate Hotdogs thinks is the best looking. She answers Michelle, which is correct. Gianna is considered by other housemates to be the most flirtatious. Michael is asked which housemate is considered the laziest. It is Constance, correct answer. Hotdogs is asked which housemate is considered most kissable – A. Logan B. Michelle, C. Dean. Hotdogs adds another answer D. Hotdogs. He answers Dean but the correct answer is Logan. Big Brother will get back to the housemates with the results. Afterwards Kate asks Logan about his showering habits. He says he doesn’t mind some people seeing you nude but not the whole of Australia. Logan says his sisters told him to not shower naked.

Gianna goes to the diary room to vent to Big Brother. Teary eyed, she says she’s feeling very disjoined from the rest of the group. She says she treats everyone how she wants to be treated and feels angry. The people in the house don’t know her and make quick judgements. She goes on to explain she doesn’t get along with Nelson, Constance and Angela – she knows it’s a game but you can have a fun game. After her diary room visit, Gianna goes to the bathroom to wash her face. Christie comes in to see how she is and gets a hug out of her. Gianna insists she is alright, and explains her feelings a little. Christie says she understands. At some very bad timing Constance walks into the bathroom laughing with Angela, then goes to see if Gianna is ok. Constance says she knows part of the reason Gianna is upset is because of her. They are soon joined by Michelle who gives Gianna a big hug.

Note: tonight’s episode isn’t in chronological order

11.21pm – Kate and Tim are playing in the kitchen hitting each other with tea towels. Logan says she is giggling like a school girl in love and calls for Tim to “whip her ass!”. They end up wrestling on the ground and Tim needs to pull Kate and her mic up.


10.13pm – Some of the housemates are inside while the majority are in the spa (mainly the boys). Big Brother announces the results of their task: they passed. Everyone inside jumps like a Toyota commercial while everyone in the spa jumps up and high fives each other and cheer “we eat good”. Christie goes to get into the spa, but not before Big Brother warns her not to go into the spa with her microphone. Christie then turns to put her microphone on a table but forgets where the steps are, falls and lands on her ass. An annoyed Christie throws her towel in anger on the wet floor, soaking it. All the housemates have a good laugh and pull her into the spa and give her hugs.

11.07pm – Geneva and Angela are now in the sauna. Geneva wanted to know what was wrong with Gianna. Angela explains her feeling left out, but Geneva says she just fucked off people today. Angela explains she likes Michelle better than Gianna now, a contrast to Geneva. Kate is in the middle of a sentence bitching about Gianna when Gianna walks into the sauna! Kate quickly changes the sentence and Gianna is none the wiser. They go on talking about Michelle. Kate says it’s especially hard because they are living on each other.

In the bedroom Hotdogs and Christie are discussing housemates. Hotdogs says Tim is the rock in the house – the strong person that would hold things together. He doesn’t get emotionally involved with anything.

Michelle and Constance are now in the sauna and Angela asks Kate if she has a thing for Kate. Kate says she’s not attracted to him whatsoever but he’s a great guy.

12.13am – Hotdogs asks Christie if she is looking for love – she is. Hotdogs says with the time they’ve spent in the house he could fall in love. Michelle says there is one person for Christie – Logan. In the isolation room Logan greg is doing some exercises.

3.02am – Gianna, Christie and Logan David are all in a bed massaging each other, and Christie asks Logan about love. Logan says he falls in love quickly – he’s a sucker for it. He doesn’t want anyone too identical (lol), he wants some one who will clash. Christie asks if he is attracted to anyone – but Logan won’t answer that yet. He says he doesn’t know he’s only been there 6 days.

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