Day 3

8.41am – The store room is now open for the housemates. Gianna is up to choose ingredients for today’s bread. She walks out to the store room without her microphone. $5000 fine. In the bedroom Gianna apologises to everyone.

In the isolation room Logan David is having some fun with the exercise ball. Angela can’t understand why people are forgetting their microphones – she asks Dean about it and he says it’s hard to keep up. There is talk over who will make today’s bread. Angela says maybe she should because she hasn’t done any.

When asked about making bread the new Logan wings it and says he has, which is correct. Dean asks him which brunette he’s after. Dean comments Christie is getting some looks from him as well. They all ask which way he is leaning, but the new Logan is dumbfounded and doesn’t know which way to go.

10.16am – Showertime, Michael is naked and Logan joins the showers. In the bedroom Angela and Nelson are saying it’s impossible to get to know Logan in the house. Nelson takes the homoerotic approach and says it’s because he doesn’t shower nude: “he’s different”.

Nelson is called to the diary room. They must all photocopy their bum as a party game for Michelle’s birthday party. Dean is eager to go. Angela doesn’t look happy. Michael can’t help but laugh.


7.27pm – The housemates are in groups talking about relating to each other. Dean says Gianna talks more to herself in the mirror to me. On the other side of the house, Gianna says she doesn’t get along with Angela and Constance. Christie says Constance is too much for her. Gianna can’t explain Constance, “she’s nothing wrong with her I just clash”. Gianna says she hasn’t done anything wrong and they have to have a reason to nominate her.

Meanwhile Angela is talking about all the things Gianna has said about herself – including being a blackbelt.

Gianna is now looking at reasons to nominate people, she explains. Gianna and Christie are called to the diary room. Angela wonders what they were talking about. They wonder why they are readjusting her boobs. In the diary room Big Brother warns the girls about their conversation: the talk of housemates and the talk of nominations were too close. Outside the HMs gossip about the girls being in trouble. Christie tells Big Brother they didn’t realise the change of conversation. Big Brother fines them $5000.

Angela asks Christie what happened with Big Brother but Gianna butts in: “nothing”.

Geneva, Glen, Constance, Dean, Angela are all called to the diary room. Big Brother warns them about using code names for the other housemates, and it’s still not ok if they explain the code for BB to hear. BIg Brother fines them $5000. Next warning will be a strike.


9.39pm – The HMs emerge from the diary room. Gianna and Christie won’t reveal they were fined but Angela says the second group was fined. Gianna and Christie let out a guilty “oh”. Christie says things are getting feisty, she feels like she’s being bitched about. Most of the girls are in the bedroom now. Michelle and Christie are suspicious about the code and what they were talking about. Things get a little heated when Gianna won’t reveal why they were in the diary room. She lies and says they didn’t get any fines.

Michelle is annoyed because people aren’t inviting other people to do things with each other. Constance and Angela think this is ridiculous because it’s not primary school. Michelle uses a specific example where Angela asked Dean to go with a spa with her. Gianna agrees. Angela gets angry that an incident is being turned against her. She says what Michelle and Gianna are saying doesn’t make sense.

Nelson joins the housemates and Gianna explains she just wants to have fun in the house. Angela says she can just pull her tits out. Gianna denies that but everyone else says she does and she loves the mirror. They say she pulls poses without noticing it. Constance apologises for upsetting everyone.

Logan Greg is called to the diary room. He is going to be swapped again. He doesnt’ want to go back to the isolation room. Logan David joins him. Logan Greg has had a few problems with his fake tatoo. They have a minute to swap clothes and microphone.3 minutes to swap information. Greg explains the photocopying task, the bitching between the girls, and doing weights the next day. Logan Greg leaves the diary room and Logan David re-enters the house. He tells the other housemates he had to photocopy his ass again.

The housemates aren’t convinced. Angela says he turned around while talking, which is what she does when she is lying.


10.35pm – New Logan David is outside with Nelson with the gym equipment. Constance comes out to ask why he REALLY was in the diary room. Logan says he can’t talk about it, and he has a scared look on his face. Constance asks him if he’s playing the game. Logan says he’s just sticking to rules.

1.05am – Logan is doing a goosebumps trick on Michelle’s back. He gives her goosebumps. Michael says maybe Logan has made his decision. They tell him to give Michelle a birthday kiss because it’s after midnight.

Logan Greg is in the isolation room

Logan David is doing a dance for everyone to see in the bedroom. He gives Gianna the goosebump trick. Christie says Logan has “come out” tonight. Michelle said he had a quiet patch during the day. Logan says he was sick during the day which is why he didn’t say much. Lights out. Logan is asking people how they sleep in bed, and how he has lots of room in bed.

Most beds have three people in them! Hotdogs is hugging some one in bed(?).

Logan tries to get Michelle to do the goosebumps trick on him while he lies on his stomach in bed. We leave with an inviting shot of Michelle blowing on his neck. Kinky!

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