Day 23

9.15am – Shopping time. Dean is the shopper/chef and calls everyone outside. Following the failure of the task they had $45. After the subtraction of fines the housemates owe Big Brother $5. Dean must go to the store room and get staples. Dean highlights they have lost $50 000 from the grand prize in a week. In the supermarket the teller machine is reading $0.00. Dean notices a new item in the supermarket – video phone messages from family/friends costing $10. He tells the housemates. Kate and Geneva are shocked and annoyed. They all calculate how much they’ll need for everyone to get a message.

Tim is called to the diary room. All other housemates to the bedroom to wait for instructions. Tim is back with them – it’s a new task “It takes two to tango”. Housemates must learn the tango. There is a dance floor outside to practice and they meet their dance partners in the living room. Kate is excited until the Logans say the partners won’t be real people – dummies. Kate wants to wager 100% and get family messages if they win. Michelle and Michael don’t want to. They vote and majority rules for 100% wager of the budget. The housemate leave the bedroom and find their dancing manaquines. Later when practicing Michael seems to have taken over, badgering the other boys to do the task – after all they have wagered 100%. Glenn is lying in the sun and says he doesn’t want to – he’d rather just lie there. The other boys seem to agree.


2.51pm – Michelle is saying they “bloody” well win the task. Michael says with 5 people out of 11 trying and the others lying around it’s not acceptable. Dave says he would rather 5 people become confident than everyone waste their time. Hotdogs disagrees with Michael – if 11 people do it at once it will be chaos. Michael says the same 5 people are always doing the work for tasks and the chores. Michael says he is constantly cleaning up after other housemates – like cleaning up beer bottles that he didn’t drink.

5.29pm – Christie is relating to Kate about dealing with the loss of Gianna. Kate says she realises in this house she is very immature, because she said something when she was jealous and didn’t mean it. She said this thing to Michelle and it was about Christie. Kate feels guilty and explains this thing was basically: she cracked a stink about Christie and Greg getting together. Later Kate says she said to Greg: “I can’t believe you picked Christie, the dumb blonde”. Kate says she doesn’t think Chrsitie is the dumb one and she feels so sorry. Christie says we all say silly things and gives her a hug. “Don’t be sorry, and if you are attracted then go”. Kate says it’s not like that at all – it’s not like she’s head over heels its only because he’s the only one in the house she likes.

The conversation continues until Michelle enters the bathroom and they stop talking. Michelle says “oh, so you’re talking about me”. Kate says no, but you would know what I’m talking about. Michelle gives a dull “oh”. Kate goes on to talk about how all her washing is done by some one else at home. They all agree it was ackward a moment ago when Michelle and Greg were both in the bathroom.


5.57pm – Christie and Geneva are discussing Greg in the bedroom. Chrsitie says he doesn’t give off any vibe. Geneva is sorta lost for words and Michelle says “I will be out (of the bedroom) soon”. Geneva says they’re not talking about her (Michelle) and that she’s paranoid. When Michelle leaves Chrsitie says “that was a bit weird”. Geneva comes to the kitchen and tells Kate she’s aggitated. Michelle is in the bedroom now and Chrsitie asks her what is wrong. Michelle isn’t telling and Chrsitie whispers to herself “you can’t win”. Later Michelle says she knows whats going on and she gets pissed off when she walks in a room and a conversation stops. Christie explains Geneva was just looking for the right words, but Michelle doesn’t believe her and says it’s happend 3 times in the last half hour.

8.26pm – Nomination results. This week there are 4 nominees up for eviction: Dean, Michael, Christie and Glenn. Dean says he knows the people who voted for him. Michelle goes into the diary room and deduct points from Glenn (wow what a surprise NOT). The nominees are now Michael, Dean and Christie. Glenn is all smiles.


8.43pm – Dean is saying eviction is up between him and Michael. He says he knew he wasn’t going last time but this is different. Michael agrees. Geneva and Kate are surprised Christie is nominated but they agree she won’t be going. Kate was surprised about Glenn but Geneva wasn’t – Glenn wasn’t doing any work this week. Later in the bedroom Michael is telling Tim he’s not happy with who is being nominated in the house. He says he’s less inclined to put up with the crap from the other housemates if it’s his last week. Dean gives Chrsitie a comfort hug saying they are fellow nominees. In the bedroom they both say they are feeling good. Outside Geneva tells Hotdogs she feels stoaked but feels bad she is so happy she didn’t get nominated. Hotdogs says she should feel good she survived two nominations already. In the bedroom Glenn and Michelle are breathing down each others necks. Dave jokes about them getting under the doona together.

In the diary room Dean says he’s surprised he got nominated. He thinks Tim nominated him. And he finds it weird because Tim admitted he’d forgoe his dignity to be the centre of attention. Dean says he lets out so much political stuff and he’s so intelligent yet he says things like that. Dean feels they both had a similar high school background but Tim looks down his nose at Dean.

After lights out, Michelle starts to ask Kate about her feelings for Greg. She asks if the opportunity came around would Kate get with him… Kate doens’t know. MIchelle says she has the impression Greg has taken a liking to her (Kate) because of the problems with Chrsitie. Greg walks past so they have to shoosh themselves. Michelle says “there are too many listening ears in here”.

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