Day 23 Uplate

12:21am: Housemates have been asleep to this point. Christie was rubbing cream on herself, and now Michael has come over. They have come out to the living room. Michael says that the nomination is affecting him. Christie says she didn’t think it would, but it’s really hit her. Michael says that you have to remember that the people in here aren’t anyone’s friends. He says it’s a ‘big popularity contest. Year 10 all over again.’ Michael says it’s sucks that he’s been nominated twice in a row. Christie says she is pleased Geneva isn’t up again. Michael says he thinks he’ll be up for eviction every week for now on in. Christie doesn’t think that everyone really hates people in here. Michael says he reckons they do – he says he doesn’t like half the people in here. Christie says she heard him speaking loudly in the kitchen before. He says he hates people not keeping an area clean. He says he would never leave a mess in a place which isn’t actually his.

12:36am: Michael says he doesn’t want to leave. Christie says that no one wants to. Michael says he wants the million, he wants a job when he gets out of here in the industry. He says that he loves Friday nights. He says he would never have gone to a polictial rally and never met Tim. He says the shit part of it all is that your thinking so much about evictions that you can’t sleep. Christie says that after this, she has no idea where she is going to live. She doesn’t want to share a place with friends. She lives with her ex-boyfriends parents at the moment I think?

12:51am: Christie is talking about how she ended up staying at her ex boyfriends mum, but there are a lot of beeps in the middle making it hard to understand. She says she doesn’t get on with her uncle, so she doesn’t really see her cousins very often, which she misses. She says she didn’t tell them that she got on BB, so she expects them to be a little shocked. Michael says he told a friend but he would never tell anyone else. He says that someone at his work worked out that he was coming onto the show or something, but Mike cuts us to a break before we hear more.

1:00am: Tim & Glenn have risen as well, but Michael and Christie are still talking amongst themselves. Christie is talking about a friend of hers, or a family member, is an alcoholic. She says that once he’s drunk he’s no longer a nice person. Tim says that he could sleep if he had a book to Glenn. Glenn says he can’t remember the last time he read a book. Tim thought he would be a book person. Glenn jokes that he reads a picture magazine a few nights a week at home. They talk about “Picture” and “People” magazines for a while, but Glenn doesn’t think People is that good.

1:12am: Tim & Glenn are still talking about magazines. Tim says he is looking forward to not going back to a job when he leaves BB – he says he has some money saved and is looking forward to simply relaxing. Talk turns to winning money from scratchies and tatts tickets. Tim has never done so, but knows numerous people who have. Glenn won a Lobster once, he got it home to find that it was rotten.

1:37am: Michael is saying that he is over going out everynight etc. Tim says he gave it up a couple of years ago – but he still loves clubbing. He says he simply couldn’t do it when he’s working hard from 9-5 during the day each day. They start talking about KFC. Christie complains about the food in the house again, saying she has never apprectiated normal food as much as being in here. Michael says he invites people over ‘for sex and a movie. I’m not cooking though.’ Michael recalls a girl who used to be his Tuesday night girl. They used to have Thai and do it all night. He says he loved the routine. He says that she would be watching him now. He says that the girl asked Michael to marry her so she could stay in Australia. Obviously he didn’t. Michael says he got expelled for fighting, he bashed a few people. Christie comes back out from the bedroom complaining how she stubbed her toe or something. Christie says she is off to bed, all say goodnight. Tim talks about carpet burn. Tim says that he stayed in a room once which was too small. After he moved out of the room, no one moved into it cause the room was so bad. At 1:55am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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