Day 22

12.48pm – Michelle doesn’t want to leave the reward room. She goes outside to talk about nominations. She says she will be upset if she accidentally nominates herself by deducting points from another person. Geneva says it will also be bad if she takes points off herself and she’s still nominated.

2.35pm – Greg and the boys are exercising. Christie is in the living room talking about Greg. Gianna says “once he does his work out thats it”. Greg is showing the boys how to do chin ups – working out a plan for Tim. Chrsitie is sick of being the one who initiates everything. Gianna says it’s good to be chased after, and she usually is. Outside Glenn is talking about friday night’s antics, mainly his kiss with Geneva in the spa. He said she just leaned in and planted a kiss on her. Later Michelle was giving him a few kisses under the doona and started talking about Glenn not knowing his feelings. Glenn didn’t want any of it (the talk, he wanted the kisses).

5.37pm – Kate and Tim are joking about their ongoing “relationship”. Greg is being the judge. The couple are talking about getting a divorce. Tim pours his feelings out abotu Kate, including a rolling river of love and feelings that sustains him. Kate says Tim hit on one of his girlfirends, persued a relationship with her and told her that Kate wasn’t special. Tim says it’s hearsay. Kate says she loves him, but she’s not in love with him. Tim says she should be taught to love him through classes, dream theropy hypnosis etc. Tim demonstrates the theropy – a series of soft kisses to the forehead. Greg says Kate should leave town now – run, empty your bank account and more away. Tim – you should get over it, ride away… ride away. “What about my life”.. “you never had a life, mate!”. Ouch.


6.04pm – Hotdogs and Geneva are outside having another evening chat. Hotdogs reveals a story about his Dad – he had a stroke and became paralised down his right side. He’s spent the last 3 years looking after his dad. Hotdogs says the BB house has put into context how much he misses his dad – he can’t stand to be away from his dad. Hotdogs is in tears. He says he really wants to be the person who leaves. His Dad has no concept of time – so if Hotdogs was evicted and saw his Dad tomorrow, he wouldn’t know he’d been away for 4 weeks. He wants to give his Dad everything he can, because his Dad gave him everything. He says “I’ve done my jury duty as far as I’m concerned”. He says he couldn’t imagine how hard it would be until he entered the house. He says whenever he’s quiet he’s thinking about his Dad. Everyone in the house is having petty arguments and Hotdogs puts it into the context scale of his Dad. Hotdogs is glad he told Geneva and can’t wait to see his Dad.

8.12pm – Eviction time. It’s time to go… Gianna. Christie is upset, but Gianna says “don’t be sad I expected it”. Hotdogs goes into the bedroom and says “what are you doing Australia!?”. Christie goes into the bedroom upset and says “oh my god tomorrow is going to be so hard”. Hotdogs is silent in the kitchen. Christie is crying and says people didn’t give her a chance – “I will take over her duties in her honour”. Hotdogs says there’d be a big smile on his face if he was evicted … jokingly because “I could get away from you buggers”.


8.31pm – Michael says he can’t handle another 6 weeks. They talk about Bree from previous seasons and how she was nominated so much. They realise what they have done and try to hide it saying “I like Bree cheese”. Big Brother is smarter than that – a $5000 fine on Michelle for talking about previous seasons. She’s been fined 8 times now. Michelle goes to the diary room. She says she is really upset. She feels like an idiot because she’s racked up so many fines – every time she has gotten one it’s been for something different. She’s sure it will show up tomorrow when it comes to nominations. She says she deserves it if it does.

Later Glenn goes to comfort Michelle on her bed, unaware Christie is also in the bedroom. Glenn and Michelle start bitching about Gianna and how they aren’t surprised she was evicted. Glenn says Gianna wasn’t the type of person he wanted to know. Dave hated her – and Glenn laughs about it. Michelle says she could be a really nice girl – she has the potential to be a really nice girl but things are whack sometimes. Christie has had enough of this bitching and leaves the bedroom – going into the diary room. She tells Big Brother she overheard the conversation and it bothered her because she’s upset about Gianna’s departure and she’s feeling Michelle really incensitive. It’s a huge loss and some people didn’t take the time to talk to her and find out the person she was. Christie and Gianna had so much in common. Christie leaves the diary room and heads back into the bedroom.

Michelle comes and lies next to Christie and says if she wants to talk she is there. Christie says she wants to be on her own. Christie says “I feel like shit right now”. Michelle says “yeah you would”. Christie lies there, silent.


9.55pm – Gianna’s video goodbye. “If you’re watching this I have now left the house, there are a few things I wanted to say to you all”.

Chrsitie – You know that I love you and we’ve become very close and even though I think you’re kookie I think you’re such a lovely person and anyone would be extremely happy to have you in their life.

Geneva – You’re only 19 but you seem so mature for your age most of the time. I’ve had fun getting to know you over the last few days.

Sheera – I just wish you all the best in the world and please pick one… is it going to be Kate or Michelle?

Greg – You seem like an intelligent person and you treat people with respect. You’re a sweetheart and great body.

David – Great sauce head, love the look so keep that up when you get out. I think at the begining I thought you were a sweetheart but when the whole twin thing came out I felt you changed a fair bit you became more “yourself” you became more outgoing and very loud and funny it would be have been good I got a chance to get to know you but the twin thing made it weird and everyone blew it out of proportion.

I want everyone in the hosue to have a fantastic time. It’s a once in a life time opportunity. Rock on.

The housemates all comment Gianna looked really cute.

10.58pm – Michelle, Geneva and Kate are commenting on how there are so many boys in the house right now. They’d hate it if there were any more. “You need girls… yep”. Michelle is still obsessing about Gianna’s message to Glenn to pick a girl. Kate thought it was funny. They can’t believe she had the balls to do it. Geneva was worried Gianna would say something bad about her. Gianna was just upset she didn’t have anyone liking her… but Gevena doesn’t have anyone either.

Outside the boys are discussing love triangles. Greg says Kate was annoyed when she learnt Glenn kissed Geneva. David says he was eavesdropping on Michelle and Kate in the bedroom last night. Dave says Tim is still in as the rebound guy for Kate. Later in the bedroom Micheal is yelling out goodnight. He invites Christie over to his bed. Christie says she is so lonely – she can’t beleive Gianna is gone.

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