Day 18

4:48am: Greg and Christie have been sitting on bean bags right near the outside door all night in anticipation of their shift in the conveyor belt task to start. Christie asks Greg if she thinks any other people in the house are sexually attracted to anyone in the house. Greg says that Hotdogs & Michelle are into each other, and he also thinks that Tim and Kate could have something. Christie says “you reckon!?” Christie says that she thinks that Glenn & Kate could have more hope. She then finally gets round to her original point she was trying to get out when asking the question, saying “I’m a bit with you.” Greg says likewise. He goes on to say that he thinks she’s very attractive. He says that he never really thought about anything like that under Christie kissed him. Sometime later, the horn sounds and they finally get to do their shift. Most of the housemates come out to watch. They reckon they did pretty well. Housemates head back to the bedroom, Dean saying “That thing is going to go off in a minute.”

8:03am: Glenn and Gianna are checking out the animals and feeding them. They discuss how fast the little pigs are growing, saying that by the end of BB, the pens will need to be much bigger. Meanwhile, BB tells Christie to get out of bed and clean the garden “immediately”. In the kitchen, Hotdogs is helping Tim with the bread today after an unsuccessful week in the kitchen as the breadmaker. Hotdogs says it all comes day to the way it’s kneaded. While Christie is cleaning the garden, BB announces the hot water is on. “Oh, you do it now while I’m cleaning.”

12:52pm: In the kitchen, Michelle is playing with the bread while Tim and Greg watch on. BB asks Tim to come to the diary, bringing the bread with him. Once inside, BB tells him that by Michelle putting the finishing touches on the bread, she has become an assistant, which was Hotdog’s job today. Therefore, they have lost the bread and told to start again. Tim says “Thankyou” and leaves. When Michelle is told, she can’t believe it. “What!!!????” Tim goes to the bedroom and asks Hotdogs to get up to help him with the bread. Dean hears about losing the bread, and has a dig at her; “Your always costing the team, Michelle”. Dean says that they were good looking loaves too.

1:46pm: The girls (Geneva, Michelle and Gianna) are in the gym. Gianna is unsure whether she likes everyone sleeping during the day. Geneva explains that Greg and Christie were talking all night. Gianna tells them that Christie does like Greg. Geneva says it’s none of her business, then says “You can’t have relationships in here, it’s ridiculous.” Michelle begs to differ, “Marty and Jess did, and they’re married.” BB announces that you can’t talk about previous series of BB, and Michelle is given a $5,000 fine. Dean, quick as a flash, tells her that she has received 6, $30,000. She seems to get a bit upset, and Geneva tells her not to. Dean also tells her not to cry, saying ‘no one here cares. It’s only a bit of fun’. Later, Tim comes outside to talk to the guys. He apologises for the bread incident, and the boys tell him it’s not his fault. Dean and Michael say that they have already bagged her out about it. Greg and Tim tell them that she has got pretty upset and gone to the bedroom. In the bedroom, Michelle is telling Kate that she can’t snap out of the mood now. Kate tells her that she has to try. Michelle says she would rather a strike, self punishment rather than group punishment. Back to the guys, Dean says “It might be harsh, but it’s the truth. I hate criers.”

3:01pm: Kate, Michelle and Gianna are talking about crushes in the house. Kate and Gianna tease Michelle about Dave. She says there is nothing going on. Gianna then moves on to Kate, telling her that she likes Glenn. She smiles but doesn’t say that it’s true. She says that if Glenn genuinely liked her, he wouldn’t be so open and ‘flirty flirts’ around her. Michelle begs to differ, and Kate says “I think your being ridiculous.” Because the whole world revolves around Gianna, she says “To be honest I don’t give a fuck because I don’t have anyone that likes me.” Nice. But it doesn’t stop there, saying ” I don’t care. I’m being very selfish today.” Big Brother tells the housekeeper that he has failed to make the beds. He goes on to tell Dean that once the beds are made, he can wash all the windows in the garden. The girls just laugh. Dean says “I can’t wait till I’m not bloody homemaker.” Gianna has switched beds and is now talking to Christie. She says that everyone in the house has someone to flirt with except her. She just babbles on for another couple of minutes, Christie trying to strain herself not to yell at her to pull her head in. “I feel like the odd one out. I feel very unattractive.” She says that if she is in the house still next week she hopes they bring in some intruders. Meanwhile, David & Greg come to the diary room to discuss how they feel living under the same roof again after being apart for 6 years. Greg says he hates it when Dave gets more fines than he does. Greg goes on to suggest that out in the house proper, Dave acts a bit, and as such, won’t listen to Greg’s advice as much and just brush it off. Although, if they are in the diary room, he probably would listen. Dave says “You talk absolute crap.”

7:20pm: Geneva is in the bedroom complaining about Dean not doing his job properly. She is talking to Michael. She decides to go and talk to Big Brother. On the way out of the room, Michael says “I would never live like this.” In the diary room, Geneva says that Dean isn’t doing anything and gives various examples. She adds that she would have done it differently, and then says that she doesn’t want BB telling him that she told BB this. BB suggests talking to Dean on the issue. She leaves and goes straight back to bed. Later, Glenn decides to play a practical joke on Geneva. Both Geneva and Michael are scheduled to do the task next, but Geneva is in bed. Glenn hides behind a bed and uses a vase to make a noise, causing Geneva to jump out of bed and start running outside. Everyone in the bedroom is laughing. She gets almost to the back door before realising. She sits down and says “Yeh, that was good.”

10:57pm: Geneva is giving Glenn a shave. She asks him about liking Kate. Gianna walks into the bathroom at this time. He says it’s not right, but asks if thats the rumour. Geneva and Gianna start quarreling about how gossips the most or something, leading Geneva to say “Your still not interesting…..just joking.” Gianna replies “Oh I know, thats why I called you a bitch.” Glenn and Geneva make an appointment to do the shave again next week, while Gianna escapes to the sauna. Later, we see lights out in the bedroom, a few people saying goodnight and a couple of people jumping across beds.

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