Day 18 Uplate

12:54am: In the bedroom, lights are out. Everyone in there is trying to get some sleep. There are people outside at the gym, so we swap to them. Geneva, Michael and Christie. Michael & Geneva are next in the conveyor belt task, and the horn has now sounded. Everyone comes out to watch on, and the boys start playing music and drums with furniture in the garden. They have to deal with first plates, then eggs, plants and whole egg cartons. Geneva was a little slow, but overall, they didn’t miss too much. They now have to clear it all back in the storeroom and put fresh empty crates out really for the next group, which is Michelle and Dave. We cut back to the bedroom, where most are trying to get back to sleep. Glenn and Greg are laughing about something, everyone else is quiet, although Christie is walking around the room for some reason. We cut back outside, and Geneva says there was a moment when she was laughing too much to pick up anymore plates. Michael says that he can now finally go and have a spa. Christie again, like last night, is the only person to hang around after the challenge and talk to them while they clean up etc. She offers to get them both a drink. Michael realises that they have used one of the crates set aside for the next group, so he goes about emptying stuff out of one so they have 6 crates for the next group. They get the gong to end their shift, but straight away it goes again. Housemates are confused, and Dave & Michelle start getting dressed, but they don’t think their shift is on. It’s confirmed though just a moment later, when the belt starts up again. Everyone comes back out and cheers them up, but we’re taken to a comm break at the start.

1:24am: It seems that BB has basically made them wait for the commercial break before bombarding them with stock along the belt. Plates and then paint come out, and an odd watermelon. They seem to be missing a heck of a lot. It ends and it seems Hotdogs and someone else is up next. Some head back inside, and Dave & Michelle start thinking about cleaning up. In the bedroom Dean isn’t tired at all, and wants to get up. He starts throwing pillows everywhere. They wonder if it’ll be a constant stream of shifts all night. Out in the kitchen, Hotdogs and Gianna are waiting their start of the shift. Gianna says they should get a hot shower after their shift. Hotdogs reckons that everyone will be up tonight.

1:36am: Michael is talking about Gianna, and says that he knows she’s smarter than she acts. Geneva agrees. Christie is there as well, and they are in the gym. The horn goes – it’s only one this time. Christie says that she doesn’t act – and Michael says that she is just a ditz. They are saying it in a nice way though. They say they are all looking forward to Friday. Christie says that she looks forward to Mondays as well. Geneva says that you start thinking about eviction after Friday night. Dave joins them and they discuss when they think the task will end. A few different suggestions are raised, but they agree it has to finish on Friday regardless. They decide to head in to get ready to have a spa.

1:50am: Michelle is playing with a vibrator, but Kate reckons she is just torturing herself. She decides to go over to sheerer to ‘finish her off.’ Meanwhile, Christie comes over and farts on Greg’s bed, and then Glenn does likewise back on Christie’s bed. A lot of running, pillow throwing and laughing for the next couple of minutes as people swap beds etc.

2:06am: Outside, Gianna is wondering if they can stack the crates a different way. Michael says it’s best to leave it as it is. They decide to stay around the ‘clock on’ machine. Back in the bedroom, fights are still going on. Christie, Michelle and Geneva are trying to tickle Greg and Glenn. Glenn is really laughing very loudly. They let him go, and he says “I was raped.” Everyone decides to try and get some sleep now.

2:15am: Gianna is suggesting that they use the emergency stop button in the task. Hotdogs thinks it’s a valid point seeing no one has used it yet, however, he says it’s not worth the hard time that she would get from the other housemates over ‘wimping’ out and pressing the button. They say that the task will end tomorrow, and they haven’t even used it yet, and they are allowed to use it three times. Dave & Michael come in from the spa. They go straight through to the bedroom, Hotdogs telling Dave not to steal his pillow. They start talking about FNL. Hotdogs REALLY wants to get into that reward room.

2:30am: Hotdogs looks bored out of his brain talking to Gianna. They realise that come Sunday there will only be 10 housemates left – actually 11, but as the LOgan’s are one, it’s 10. They sit there in silence for a good minute. They wonder how the Chariots ‘power’ up. Hotdogs doesn’t know. Hotdogs says he wonders what they all get when they get evicted. He says that it sucks because no matter where you come, unless you win, you all get the same. He explains why he likes being called Hotdogs. He likes to be different, he wants to standout. He doesn’t care if people think he’s stupid.

2:45am: Hotdogs is talking about a girl he knows who won “Miss Legs Australia” the last two years or something.
Gianna talks about a guy that she is interested in – he pushes himself so much and that is someone that she wants. She wants to have kids by 35 latest, Hotdogs want to have kids within 3 years. He wants to be able to pick his kids up from school and go to all the sporting events etc. He says his dad was great like that.

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