Day 16

7.58am – Gianna has taken Tim to feed the animals this morning. Tim is happy to see the goats, he says they are his uncle. The pigs are squeeling for food. Hot water is turned on and Dean goes for a shower. No one else is up yet. Tim is looking at himself in a camera mirror for some reason. He starts talking to the alpaca about looking in the mirrors for development, because you become self aware. He gets philosophical with the alpaca. Meanwhile Dean is rubbing his face. Greg is popping pimples on his nose. Later, Kate is saying she can’t wait for shopping because she needs a good feed, Michelle agrees that they are wasting away – bones sticking out is gross. Gianna has been doing some gym exercises. Geneva comes out to thank her for making her the shopper. Gianna says Hotdogs wanted to do it but she wants to eat properly this week. Gianna is called to the diary room. Kate says she doesnt’ like girls with six packs.

Gianna emerges from the diary room with instructions for the shopping. Geneva reads out they had $420 for shopping but after fines it is $390. Hotdogs says they can buy what they had last week with $100 left over for alcohol. The supermarket is opened and Geneva runs in. Geneva has 15 minutes and is freaking out a little. In goes the necessities: bread, etc. The housemates can hear bottles clanking which sounds like grog. Geneva is getting a lot of alcohol – lots of bear bottles and wine. Big Brother announces the supermarket is closed just as she zaps the last item – looks like she got a treat for herself. The housemates comment she had hardly any time at all. Geneva says they will eat right this week. They carry everything out, except they’ve left one bag behind! Geneva quickly notices a missing bag, and realises she might have left it behind. Meanwhile Gianna is questioning whether she made a mistake chosing Geneva as the shopper. Geneva goes out to see if the supermarket is open, but alas it is locked. Geneva goes to the diary room to ask Big Brother if she can have the bag back, but Big Brother says the supermarket is currently closed. The store room will be open later today.


2.44pm – The housemates are playing some volleyball outside. In the kitchen Michael says Hotdogs isn’t happy with him after Friday night, after Michael was yelling during the competition. He says Hotdogs has been smoking him ever since. Geneva says she doesn’t have a great connection with Hotdogs either. Christie comes in and agrees he’s been acting weird and that he told her she’s being snappy. “I think he’s all about him”. They all agree that any conversation with Hotdogs changes into something about Hotdogs. Outside the volleyball is accidentaly kicked outside the walls. Christie is saying Hotdogs

4.46pm – The storeroom is now open, and they go into get the missing bag – but it’s behind the bars locking up the supermarket. Hotdogs tries to reach his arm around the bars, and decides to rather go to the diary room to ask Big Brother. BB says the bag is technically in the supermarket and the supermarket is now closed. Hotdogs says “devastating”. He comes out and says the bag could be collected if it was in the store room, but not the supermarket. Gianna says “so thats it thats the money gone?”. Geneva is silent.

8.24pm – Nominess are Hotdogs, Geneva, Gianna. Gianna goes into the diary room to deduct nomination points. Unsurprisingly she chooses herself. She emerges and Big Brother annouces that after the deducation the nominess are Geneva, Hotdogs and Michael… and Gianna. Gianna looks pissed off and says “I’m still up”. Kate and the girls quickly try to work out the maths in that.


8.46pm – In the bedroom the nominees are discussing their nomination. Michael says it’s always the loudest ones who fall first. Gianna says she’s not loud but Geneva disagrees. Michael says she was parading around in that nurses suit. Gianna is pissed off because no one else is giving a shit, because last week everyone was sympathetic to the nominees. Gianna leaves. Michael goes for a spa but Geneva stays behind for a sleep. She’s slient. Outside Gianna is on the bikes when Christie comes over to comfort her. Gianna is teary. Christie says not to be upset. Gianna is annoyed that Michelle went straight back into mucking around, not caring about the nominees. Gianna says she’s not rude, she pulls her wait, she asks if she’s loud. Christie says no. Gianna is wondering if it was because of the nurse outfit. Christie says “things happen for a reason”. Gianna wants to know what she can work on. Chrsitie says maybe her cheeky side might be full on for people. Gianna isn’t sure what her cheeky side is. Meanwhile Michelle is joining HMs in the pool. Chrisite says she shouldn’t need to change for the others. Gianna says this still is a game and it’s survival of the fittest.

In the spa Michael feels bad for Geneva. Dean says he feels bad for Gianna, and Michelle says he doesn’t. Michael says Gianna brought it on herself because she isolates herself from the rest of the group. Meanwhile Geneva is sleeping. Gianna goes to the diary room to talk to Big Brother. Gianna says she talked to Christie but no offense to her but she’s very young and her advice was to jsut get over it – thats not always the answer. Gianna complains about the guys not wanting any girls in the house, which diminishes her self confidence. Gianna says she knows she has a lot of good features but the boys don’t make you feel the way that you did when you first came in. “These are the people I have to deal with and… but… just with reguards to my family I just… I just wanna cuddle(?)”.


12.02am – Housemates are going to bed early. Greg is giving Christie a massage when Glenn suggests putting something in Tim’s bed as a prank. They chose the milk powder. Meanwhile Tim is just getting out of a shower. Chrsitie puts a whole lot of milk power in Tim’s bed and pulls the covers over it. She runs back into the kitchen with the powder. The housemates all practice their straight faces. Tim goes into the bedroom and some HMs immediately start giggling, but Tim is nonthe wiser. Tim slides into bed not seeing the power, pulls a confused face, pulls the covers back and says “awww, who was that”. Christie puts some powder on his face. All the housemates start giggling and laughing at Tim, especially Dean and David. Gianna suggests Tim sleep in Christie’s bed and Christie in Tim’s. Tim gets into Christie’s bed and she tries to pull him away saying no. Chrsitie says she will sleep in Dean’s bed but he says no. Gianna says to Tim “this makes you realise how old she is”. Christie ends up bunking down on the couch in the lounge. Tim hopes he doesn’t get powdered milk on Gianna.

Tim eventually comes out and starts talking to Christie. Christie says “oh I hate lectures”. Tim says Christie allowed herself to be a pawn of the other housemates. She’s paying for something that was a group joke. Tim says everyone who was part of the joke are now in bed. Tim says “thats what we learnt from tonight’s thing”. Tim goes into the bathroom to clean the powder from his nose. Chrsitie pulls this confused “are you for real?” face.

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