Day 15

9.14am – This is Big Brother, breakfast is served in the reward room. Gianna and Christie to find their food. Gianna says the food looks good, but she’s putting it in the microwave anyway. It’s shower time elsewhere in the house. Dean is naked and Greg is picking his nose. They ask Tim if the bread has been made. Meanwhile Gianna and Christie are chowing down on their brekkie. Tim is baker this week and is trying to make bread for everyone else.

11.46am – Gianna says she thinks Angela is mad because she chose Christie to come into the reward room. Christie agrees and says it happened with Glenn won it. In the lounge room Angela is teasing Michelle saying she needs a toner body. Michelle yells for her to stop it. Tim didn’t oil the bread so it’s stuck in the baking tray plus it’s burnt. They all comment the twins never did that. Michelle goes to help Tim get the bred out of the tray. Obviously there’s no oil in it – but Tim swears he did it. They need Greg to try and salvage whats left. In the reward room Gianna and Christie are wondering why Michelle is being bitchy since she had nomination points removed from her. Christie says she would only pick some one to join her in the reward room if she knew it would be vice versa.

Angela and Kate are called to the diary room. Big Brother tells them off for discussing evictions – the housemates throught it would be Tim or Geneva leaving. Big Brother gives them both a strike. Angela is not happy asking “are you serious”. BB says he is very serious. When walking out, Angela says it’s crap whats happening. Kate thinks she should read the rules again but Angela is pissed off and says it sucks. Kate says she’s glad she got a strike because now it won’t happen again. Now Michelle and Angela are preparing some food. Scratch that – Angela is preparing food and Michelle is still trying to get the bread out of the baking tray.


5.54pm – Tim is saying his possible farewells to Kate in the bedroom. He says she’s a very interesting person, quite radical and vervacious but have a serious side. Kate is a little silent and lost for words, but says “I think you’re heaps fun too”. In the bathroom Christie is saying goodbye to Angela, saying she’s great and feels they’ve really gotten close in the house. Angela moves the topic onto Michelle… somehow. In the bedroom Tim says he hopes he didn’t embarrass Kate about being open in the first week about wanting to kiss her. Kate says she wasn’t embarrased at all. In the bathroom Angela is joking about faking feeling sorry for Tim possibly leaving.

8.16pm – All housemates are in the lounge with Gretel on the screen. It’s time to go…. Angela. BB manages to cut out Michelle’s swearing without bleeps. Hotdogs is silent and morbid. The housemates wave Angela out as she leaves the house through the eviction stars. Kate goes straight to the toilet with Gianna trying to follow, locks herself in and starts crying. Outside Tim is strolling around quietly while Hotdogs says to him the public never like the “mum figures”. Tim says you don’t know what the public sees. Inside Kate is saying to herself “you just don’t know what they think”.


8.58pm – Kate is trying to relax in the sauna, while Michael tries to confort her. Kate says she’s so mad about the eviction. Kate says it will play her that Angela was evicted as a result of Glenn’s intervention, and Angela wasn’t ready to leave. Michael tries to act the middleman. In the bedroom Gianna is giving Tim a hug of congratulations. He says he’s feeling relief but feels bad because it comes at the expense of some one else going. When asked how she feels, Michelle does some quick conversation ducking and starts talking about how she got close to Angela towards the end… sorta.

Later the housemates have gathered to see Angela’s goodbye message. Michelle – I know we got off to a rock start, but I think you’re a great girl and my only advice is to love yoruself and know women are not an enemy and you’re a great girlfriend to have and you should make the most of that. Glenn – you’re my country rock, you’re cool you know we’re going to catch up and I wish you all the luck with the girls in the house. Gianna – I think you’re great as well and you’re just you so I’m not going to say anything more than that. Kate – you know that I love you, you’re like a mini-me, you’ve got so much potential you just have to let people in to help you and just to let you shine. I love you all please have a game of volleyball in my memory. The housemates clap the video. Christie says it was beautiful. David says she looked pretty hot. Gianna is embarassed Angela mentioned her gstring in the video. The HMs joke about calling her g-stright or “floss”. Gianna leaves for the bedroom, annoyed.


10.04pm – The boys aren’t happy with their assigned chores. Dean talks about the other night when Gianna asked him what job he specifically didn’t want. David says “at least she didn’t do this” and preceeds to kiss up Dean. He talks about how Gianna wants Dean. Gianna is talking to Christie and Michelle about her conversation with David. David told her “I know you want kisses and cuddles but I don’t want that”. Gianna says he likes Michelle, and signs that no one likes her – she feels like an unattractive mole. Gianna is called to the diary room. She needs to appoint a new shopper/chef to replace Angela. She chooses Angela. Gianna also asks BB if he can answer a scenario – a very important one, actually. She asks if she can accidentally nominate herself when taking nomination points off another housemate. Big Brother says she can. Gianna giggles nervously and says “fantastic”.

2.12am – Christie is wondering why Greg has been cold to her advances. She asks him if he’s so bored. Greg says he’s tired. Chrsitie says it’s been two days without a pash – “you’re a piece of shit”. She asks if he gets intimidated by girls who make the first move. Greg is mostly silent and moves to the bedroom straight away, but first says he’s past these games about making moves and stuff. He says he’s not a pressure person. He steps around and looks nervous. After he’s gone Chrsitie asks why there’s a problem. David says there is no problem – he’s not 16 and you’re not going to see a single response from him… ouch!

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