Day 54 Uplate

Evening again to all. Looks like, from the OS Diary point of view, this might be a quiet night. We’ll wait and see. Into the house we go, to the kitchen, where Dan, Chrissie, Saxon and Jamie are sitting around the table. Dan is standing giving Chrissie a massage. Mike comes on and says hi and moves on to say that Vincent has completed his ‘facial’ mini task. He gives the phone number for the teasers, before we head back to the conversation. Dan is saying that BB didn’t want his ‘nerd’ costume coming into the house with him. Chrissie says imagine a person in character 24/7. Dan says he could do it. Jamie says he laughed when Reggie asked them where the heart is in the body. Dan is giving Chrissie the old ‘punching massage’ on the neck. She seems to be enjoying it however. Dan switches clients, and moves on Saxon. Meanwhile Chrissie is replaying an ad she can remember that is advertising perfume or something.

Chrissie says when she was 17, she was getting into pubs just saying she was 25. Saxon says he had a girl who was 35 when he was young, saying she was 25. Dan brings up the old show “21 Jump Street”. They start singing “Cool Water” over and over. Sax moves onto talking about Vincent’s hands, apparently they are special! Sax recalls when Vincent growled to Jo in the spa the first night they met, Sax says that he thought she was having an orgasm in the spa there and then. They start moving back toward the house.

Sax says that after Sunday everyone should move into one bedroom, Chrissie agrees, but says they should be quiet now. Silence as they enter the bedrooms. Chrissie, Dan and Sax start having a quiet laugh in the bathroom. How great is Dan, geez I wish he would win this. They all move onto cleaning their teeth, but still they laugh. Dan rubs some kind of cream into his face. At 10 past midnight, comm break.

The first brain teaser comes up next, he goes through that, then says that there have been funny jokes a plently during the evening. He gives the OS and it’s competitions a plug, but then it’s time to head back to the house, where we see Jamie go to the toilet (new camera angle, hadn’t seen that one before, until we move into the square house where Vincent & Saxon are reading, and Kim has just got up and gone somewhere. Meanwhile, we zoom over to the other room, where Chrissie has jumped into bed. Dan comes over and makes Chrissie crack up again, but she covers her face so that no noise is made. Dan takes his mike off, takes his jeans off, and also jumps into bed. Jamie has not returned to the room just yet. Chrissie has begun reading as well.

Mike comes in and talks about Dan’s nightly routine where he stretches, then asks them to wake up! He calls it a book club tonight, but Harry Potter’s book isn’t out till Saturday! Jamie finally makes his way back into his bedroom as Mike finishes his little talk, while Jamie makes his way over to Chrissie and starts whispering. I can hear him mention Kim, but no idea what he is talking about. He finally gets up and moves out to the living area, but next shot we see is of Vincent up returning from the kitchen. He says he was doing his eyes on the way back in with Jamie. They head back to their respective beds. Actually, Jamie moves into the bathroom where he cleans his face first, then moves onto his teeth. God this is fun! Comm break.

Back with Mike again, who gives the clue for the teaser first. Oh dear, he has called his brother Jay, who has just been with his wife at the hospital, and they have had a baby, so Mike is an uncle. Good work Mike! Jay says that he is already trying to solve the brainteaser (the baby). Mike is obsessed with Harry Potter, second mention of the night. Kim has moved to Ben’s old bed by the way. Jay thinks Vincent and Patrick should be gone on Sunday. Anyone in Brisbane, Mary Street Nightclub Saturday Night, Jo will be there. By the way, Jay sounds a lot like Mike. Jay sounds out, and we go back through the brainteaser, before we go back and watch people sleeping, namely Chrissie who has given up on the book. Jamie continues reading, as comm break comes on. Anyone noticed they put the ‘Live: House” banner in the top left hand corner about 3 seconds before they go to a break. I notice the weird things I’m sure!

Someone comes onto win the $1000, but she says she is enjoying the show, even though they are asleep. She wins the money, the answer “Novel”. Jamie turns off his light at this time. Shakira (thats the girls name) likes Chrissie the most. Mike says that Big Big Brother cried once because he couldn’t get a ticket on a plane first class. Mike moves onto the second game. Mike says people should come to the eviction shows, because the crowd warm up guy is the best! Back to the house we go, and we go to the square bedroom, where V and S are still reading. Saxon starts making a bit of noise trying to find something in his toilet bag I think. Comm break.

TRIVIA DUDE IS BACK! Yes, it’s just me trying to excite my audience. GRETEL is the word, hehe. Funny stuff! Mike says he has been eating M&M’s, and he looks a lot better tonight than last night, where he was half asleep. Centrebet has rung through again, where the manager has rung through from the Alice Springs Casino. He says $30,000 has been put on the BB Eviction this weekend. Kim is favourite. He says Dan, Pat and Reggie will be the last three. WHAT ABOUT CHRISSIE!! Mike says he hopes he enjoys the rest of the night, and the conversation ends. Off to Saxon reading a book now, which is damn exciting vision. Vincent too is still reading. 6 minutes pass, before another comm break.

Back with trivia again, Mikey G goes through it again, and the clue he gives for “Gretel” is, “The star of BB apart from the HM’s”. Oh dear, give it away next time Mike. He coughs and the beeper lady beeps him. Action in the house apparently! They cross back, and Mike lied!!! Still Sax and Vincent reading. The only action is Sax putting the book down to gett up to the toilet. Ewwww….You can hear it LOL. Mike comes back on laughing, knowing that we could hear it. Anyway, he moves onto the eviction phone numbers. He again says that people should vote the uninteresting people out. It’s like a plea now from everyone connected to BB. Trust us to make up our own minds please!

Wow, they bring up the OS onto the screen, and Mike clicks a few things, but it’s quite boring. Harry Potter mention Number 3! He finally understands that the popularity polls reset every day. Good work Mike! He goes to the auction section of the site now. Before long, he reads out the phone number, but Ch10 cut him off in the middle of it! Oooh, they don’t like you Mike! Comm break of course.

Back again, time for the second $1000 brain teaser, where Angela has rung up through. He says he got cut off last break. Yes you did! She answered the brain teaser correctly, and wins the cash. I really want to win this one night. 2 calls a night, and still no luck :( She says she will spend it on her car. She collects Ford items! Oh god, you know it’s a boring show when Mike starts asking rambling questions. Her fave is Reggie. She thinks Kim and Vincent will be off come Sunday. She doesn’t want a date with any of them! Weird girl…Finally ends the call, which is great, because she was a shocking caller. Mike says goodnight, meaning we’ll get 20 minutes of nothing…sigh! Night Mike, good work :)

Rejoin the house, Saxon with his light off, and Vincent still reading, the last person still awake, or at least with their light on. Since nothing is happening, perhaps we should challenge Mike to mention the Harry Potter book 5 times tomorrow night? I’ll be waiting and watching. Comm break.

Back for the final time tonight, and we go to the round bedroom first. Silence. Back to Vincent reading, silence still. 2 times a note runs down along the bottom saying “do not make anymore calls to the brain teaser line.” Dreamworld says goodnight.

Keep Looking for Warren,

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