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Twist: Ben, an actor?

Discussion in 'Housemates Forum' started by Shackles, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. Shackles

    Shackles Member

    If a housemate isn't what they're supposed to be then that is a great twist in my book. Ben does seem like a quirky character - is he actually an actor? I remember people saying the same thing about Travis (the squeaky voiced little guy in 2008), but he was actually really himself.

    Oh, some people spoke of Ed to be swapped by his twin brother (as a twist), confusing the housemates.

  2. aragon

    aragon Active Member

    I wouldn't be a bit surprised if most of the BB housemates where actors but as for Ben - he is a bit more clued in than you would think so I'll go with yes I think Ben is an actor.
    As for Ed swapping with his twin - well BB did something similar with the Logans so anything is possible. :)
  3. ichi

    ichi New Member

    As another post said in one of the Ben threads surely if he was an actor we would have found every shred of online info by now.

    How can he be an actor with zero online presence and no one coming out of the woodwork to claim that they know him (ala Rohan)?
  4. the Theorist

    the Theorist Well-Known Member

    Ed and his twin look nothing alike.

  5. gillie_mac

    gillie_mac gillie_mac

    Ben was at the auditions, in my group, if he was a planted actor it was very extensive to get him to go through the entire process from round one up?
  6. elmasdaughter

    elmasdaughter New Member

    And he was at the final audition with me, Matt and Jas, and he was exactly the same there too.
  7. callme

    callme New Member

    There are too many people coming out who know him (not just on here, on Facebook & twitter as well) for him to be an actor. That's not to say he definitively isn't putting it on or acting on some level (who knows?) but I don't think he is officially an actor.
  8. CanadianAngel

    CanadianAngel International Voyuer

    I think if he was an actor big brother would have let the audience in on the experience as they did with the people's puppet this year in the UK version. Otherwise it looks bad on them and where is the true fun for the audience in that.
  9. mutleyp

    mutleyp Thrive & Conquer

    Ed is better looking
  10. Shackles

    Shackles Member

    In that picture alone, his brother seems to be for me (he just looks more symmetrical).
  11. BlackMask

    BlackMask New Member

    I thought he was purely because his macho impression was more convincing than what we get from him now
  12. Noxious

    Noxious New Member

    Ben to me, has always looked or acted like a comedians character rather than a real person. And no they won't swap Ed and his bro, for twins they look very different
  13. Footy

    Footy New Member

    PLEEEES - Nick Lower isn't going in - there's still three rounds of footy and he's most likely qualified to play for Williamstown in the finals for another few weeks
  14. Connoisseur

    Connoisseur Well-Known Member

    If he is acting than he is academy award winning stuff and should seriously consider moving to lala land for a career in films.
  15. Footy

    Footy New Member

  16. Wally

    Wally I am innocent !

    I didn't know that there were 2 Eds in the world!
  17. MissKLee

    MissKLee Misstopian Queen

    Haha! I have been saying this from the start too. I believe Ben is an actor, his eccentricites seemed contrived to me, it just didn't seem to gel somehow. Over time I've started to buy it though..I'm not sure now ..but I wouldn't be at all suprised if the twist was that Ben is an actor and a completely different person to what we are seeing.
  18. Footy

    Footy New Member

  19. Footy

    Footy New Member

    For some reason the mods won't allow me to post the link but if you google - Ben Zabel street performer - you'll see he may not be a film actor but he's certainly had some sort of public performance. Also has some clear beliefs
  20. mikidiki

    mikidiki Well-Known Member

    You sure that's him? It's an article in Grafton, N.S.W. Could be another Ben Zabel. I find it hard to believe he would be a street performer!

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