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So... Back In 2014?

Discussion in 'Australian Big Brother Talk' started by milo-bbau, Aug 26, 2013.

  1. milo-bbau

    milo-bbau Member

    I know it is still early days but ratings are starting to show a pattern. Do you think that BBAU will be back next year?
  2. Chaz360

    Chaz360 :D

    I hope so.
  3. Inigo Montoya

    Inigo Montoya Well-Known Member

    I think it is too early to tell. Who knows next week the ratings might get even lower than they are now or possibly rise to the magic million. We just can't make that call yet. Having said that i really hope that it does return in 2014.
  4. Shackles

    Shackles Member

    It has to be.

    Surely it cannot be back for those 2 years and then goes off again for another 3-5 years -- and where will it air then? Channel 7?
  5. ichi

    ichi New Member

    No. They haven't treated it as the event programming it is supposed to be for the network. No Sunday show nails the lid on the coffin I reckon.

    I want it back but I am sus
  6. Zapp

    Zapp Member

    I think Channel 9 has killed it to be honest. :(
  7. Sorceress

    Sorceress ..Bow Down To Thee..

    Nup, done.
  8. OldMick

    OldMick Member

    I doubt it will be back next year this year is so far bland and boring again too much
    like BBUK alex needs to get more original and stop copying the UK version
  9. keke

    keke New Member

    No chance! This is the last year.
  10. mikidiki

    mikidiki Well-Known Member

    Yes, definitely but I think 2014 will be the last year.
  11. Mooseface

    Mooseface Little known member

    But if you read posts drom the UK (digital spy) they seem to love our version. Much more than the UK version...
  12. Bick Brohda

    Bick Brohda New Member

    I think it'll be back. And the reason it's not on Sunday nights is because they have stolen AGT from channel 7 and need to pump that out as much as they can.
  13. the Theorist

    the Theorist Over-thinker. Over-analyser. Over-complainer.

    Agreed. Channel 10 will jump at the chance to have it back again (and we know they will do it right) but I don't think they'll do it straight away.
  14. jessy_girl

    jessy_girl Well-Known Member

    I really hope so, but I am not feeling confident.

    THAT would be AMAZING!
  15. Insomniac

    Insomniac Well-Known Member

    I think channel 9 could have done a better job with scheduling, weekend shows etc, but overall I find it more interesting than last season. Just my opinion.
  16. milo-bbau

    milo-bbau Member

    Yes, if nine dumps it 10 will pounce on it, because the numbers BB is pulling would be awesome for 10. If nine want it to be successful, they should watch BBUK

    CASEYBB Member

    I wonder if the ratings have anything to do with channel 9's back flip on the Uncut show. They've finally realized the kid friendly playing pass the "parcel the parcel" & "hide & seek" while making Big Brother ice-creams doesn't = ratings
  18. uniquedude

    uniquedude New Member

    Lol. Most funniest but true statement.
  19. hoopz

    hoopz Member

    The year is 2025 and Big Brother is finally coming back.... LOL
  20. uniquedude

    uniquedude New Member

    All they need to do is show us the best bits and not the boring bits. One thing BBAU does which annoys me, is that they allow a good amount of airtime for boring housemates in my opion whereas BBUK will say 'f them' and show a whole highlights show of heated arguments between three people. In one Uk highliught show they basically did ten minutes of footage from 1-10pm and the 50 mins of the show left were all about one argument---- and it was a brillaint episode.

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