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If Tully was told she no longer had a GF...

Discussion in 'Housemates Forum' started by lyntongo, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. lyntongo

    lyntongo New Member

    Just wondering....

    If Tully was told she no longer had a girlfriend, would she...

    Get together with Drew?
    Flood the Big Brother house with her tears?
  2. jessy_girl

    jessy_girl Well-Known Member

    Probably both?

    But she does both those things now, so I don't think our viewing experience would change.
  3. Lindsay1973

    Lindsay1973 Active Member

    all of the above
  4. Angel

    Angel New Member

    Yeah both. I dont think it will change much but they will sure make out a lot more often.
  5. Poona

    Poona Well-Known Member

    I think she'd end up leaving the house.
  6. murf

    murf Active Member

    You'd think she'd already have some idea right? Does she seriously think Tahlia's just going to watch it all and then pick up where they left off when she comes out?
  7. aieee

    aieee New Member

    Yes to both options.
    By "get together", you do mean as a temporary house thing, right? There is a big assumption that Drew will automatically be on board. For Drew I'm predicting the expiry date for that "relationship" is when he hits the eviction stage.
  8. jarrah

    jarrah New Member

    I'd actually be surprised if she did immediately react with her usual deluge of tears and 100+decibel wailing.
    As with her eviction, I think she'd react with more anger than sadness, a full on blame fest and some snide, vindictive comments. And while she'll probably take it to the next level with Drew, he will definitely be copping a fair bit of blame and then tears, and he can look forward to this being brought up and used against him whenever she wants to manipulate and guilt trip him. Lucky fella!
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2013
  9. chiclet

    chiclet Well-Known Member

    You left out the crucial part where Tahlia apologises profusely for never loving Tully enough or being empathetic enough or for being loyal to her while she went through this terrible tearjerker BB ordeal she has dreamed of for years.
  10. lafirenze

    lafirenze New Member

    I don't know, but I want to see it happen.
  11. sunshinelou

    sunshinelou New Member

    Tully seems like she thinks she's being sly. Idiotic but what she seems to think.
  12. Conchie

    Conchie Member

    Absolutely !!! Didn't he already say he was planning to head to Bali the moment it's over. Now there could be a slim chance given that Tully is free he might ask her to go with him. That would all depend on whether or not there is a beating heart inside her at all.... and whether or not she feels regret at how he hurt her partner and decides to try to make amends. I sense Tahlia would be forgotton in two seconds flat... well she is already .... and DRULLY would head off to Bali. This would be the holiday from hell of course.....with only one of them coming out alive !!!
  13. Brekkie

    Brekkie Global Moderator Staff Member

    She'd also blame Drew for the whole thing.
  14. Gemini

    Gemini Well-Known Member

    Oh but Tahlia doesn't know remember? She's being super sly and kissing under towels.

    I've already mentioned this in another thread, but in all honesty I think if they found out that everyone was onto them and that they were free to be together because Tully was now single they'd fizzle. I have a feeling the drama associated with Tully having a partner and the "secrecy" of their relationship gets them going more than anything. I think when that was gone their interest in one another (particularly on Drew's end) would disappear pretty quickly.
  15. talene

    talene New Member

  16. grug33

    grug33 New Member

    At least it would be more entertaining since there'd be no reason to try to hide anything anymore.

    Maybe they will come to their senses and realise that the damage has been done? Who knows. It is certainly intriguing to watch how this is developing, though.
  17. lafirenze

    lafirenze New Member

    I bet it would end if she caught on to how Tahlia feels. Not out of respect for her, but simply because the allure might go away. Drew would become available. Tully seems like the type of insecure girl who loves the chase and honeymoon stage of things, then runs when it's really time to buckle down. It won't be as exciting for her once that happens. Drew is probably similar, to be honest... considering he broke up with his girlfriend right before the show and still feels strongly towards her.

    MORAL: both are screwed up people.
  18. spygirl99

    spygirl99 New Member

    The flood thing first off. Not sure about hooking up with Drew (on the outside). Drew will have SO MANY girls chasing him, he won't have time for 'Sullen Tully'. He will realise that Tully was an emotional drag, and he will forget all about her. Tully will be a complete wreck. She is so immature & emotionally stunted that she won't realise that she did the wrong thing. She want realise or accept that she messed up, that she shot herself in the foot.
  19. spygirl99

    spygirl99 New Member

    Great post! Tully & Drew do seem the type to like the chase/honeymoon period.
  20. spygirl99

    spygirl99 New Member


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