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How will they announce the winner??

Discussion in 'Australian Big Brother Talk' started by tiptop, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. tiptop

    tiptop Well-Known Member

    In previous years they have announced the winner with the final 2 on stage...other times in the house.

    I seriously hope they announce the winner in the house and leave him/her in the house alone, I love watching the winner freak out knowing they have just won the show. Announcing the winner last minute is annoying as you don't really get to celebrate the winner, we get told who it is and then the show ends.

  2. up_all_night

    up_all_night Well-Known Member

    Apparently in the second to last day when the 3rd last house mate goes. They will reintroduce Ray into the house who will then be the winner.

    How great would it be if they did a public vote to put someone back in!


    I bet they will have more than two house mates in the house on the final night. Maybe four and one by one they'll be evicted.
  3. pecan

    pecan Active Member

    Agreed, I loved how they did it in the early seasons, but it depends how much time they have to work with. However they do it, I just hope that it's free of blatant vote manipulation.
  4. Wormow

    Wormow New Member

    I've never been a fan of the whole announcing the winner in the house, would like it if the finalists were on stage together and they reveal the winner there.
  5. andrew_08

    andrew_08 Active Member

    I prefer the winner to be announced in the house. Evict the runner up, leave the winner in the house by themselves for bit .... Then let them leave!
  6. tiptop

    tiptop Well-Known Member

    Yes but the purpose of the show is that there is 1 winner and that person is the last to leave....its part of the concept!!! Let both finalists celebrate their time in the house individually rather then having to fight for the most air time
  7. Poona

    Poona Well-Known Member

    Yes.. it has to be in the house, leaving the winner alone in there for a short while (that's the whole idea - last housemate evicted).

    None of the crappy yanking the final two or three, or whichever way out on stage and announcing winners there. They do not spend their time on stage like those in x factor, etc so you don't tell them the outcome there. They do everything in the house.
  8. Goon

    Goon Member

    I really enjoy the way they announce the Winner with 2 housemates in the house, then the Runner Up Leaves and is interviewed and then the Winner comes out of the house.
  9. pecan

    pecan Active Member

    They briefly went back to it being in the house for Jamie and Camilla, then back to onstage again for series 7 & 8 I think.

  10. AM_092

    AM_092 MR. DREW

    I also prefer the winner to be announced in the house... Though the announcement should be "it's time to go" for the runner-up, so that housemate can be evicted and have their time on stage for their eviction.
  11. little.brother.

    little.brother. New Member

    Announce the winner in the house - as a lot have pointed out this is the whole idea, so they are the last remaining housemate in there.

    get the runner up to leave, interview.

    maybe do what they did way back in series 2(?) Let the loved ones into the house spend five mins showing them around catching up so they don't keep looking and waving to them in the crowd when being interviewed.

    Get Sonia to meet them at the house and do the walk like they would back up to the auditorium meeting evicted housemates along the way and having some cheap kids all dressed up with props representing a significant something (i thiink its been tasks previously)

    E.g. Have kids in overalls pretending their factory works then winner and sonia greet ava, she joins the crew and they keep walking.
  12. the Theorist

    the Theorist Well-Known Member


    I'm very pro original BBAU and I seriously LOVED how they did the finales back in the day. I mean, I can see why they changed it because it takes up SO much air-time, but having the winner leave the House with Gretel/Sonia then have them meet each evictee in order of eviction as they walk down the DW path like a "trip down memory lane" (I recall a huge float with dancers, etc, being used one year) until they get to the auditorium was great. And having fireworks being let off, etc.

    They did this up until 2004 I think, and then brought it back briefly for 2007.

    I do believe they'll totally stay away from it yet again this year though, but at the very least they should still announce the winner in the House.
  13. insider06

    insider06 Well-Known Member

    2001-2004 the winner was announced in the House I believe and then they did this again for 2006. 2005 and 2007-2008 they announced the winner on stage.
  14. the Theorist

    the Theorist Well-Known Member


    What I meant by the "brought it back briefly for 2007" is that they returned the walk-from-the-House-to-the-auditorium like they used to do in the early years. I remember them giving Zach a huge Mardi Gras-esque float as all the HM's celebrated on it while being driven down the path.
  15. pecan

    pecan Active Member

    Was 2004 in the house or on stage? I was trying to find photos before, but most of the finale photos were of Trevor proposing to his girlfriend.
  16. the Theorist

    the Theorist Well-Known Member

    ^ It was on the stage, I'm pretty sure.
  17. tiptop

    tiptop Well-Known Member

    I hope the producers take note of this....I dont want a "the voice" style final by announcing 4th to 1st in 10 minutes.

    It's not hard to do....but they better no pre record the announcement!!
  18. Goon

    Goon Member

    It's getting closer,

    How would you like the winner announced ???
  19. TraLa

    TraLa Most Spankable Member

    Maybe by starting with Sonia yelling "AND THE WINNER IS..."

    And then she says the word BEN!!!!!!

    Then we start clapping and singing, and the Ben haters start biting themselves and crying, then the owner of this site makes me a moderator, and then I can evict every single Ben hater, and elevate all the Ben supporters to Super Member status, and then we can TAKE OVER THE INTERNET!!!!!

  20. 1member1

    1member1 New Member

    With Layla saying "ohhhhhh.....wots a weeeener"

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