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Housemate #5 TULLY!

Discussion in 'Housemates Forum' started by Chaz360, Jul 29, 2013.

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  1. Chaz360

    Chaz360 :D

    Tully Appreciation Thread!

    I really like Tully.
    What are your opinions?
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2013
  2. The10thDoctor

    The10thDoctor Active Member

  3. Chaz360

    Chaz360 :D

    Why? Because she is a legend, an I know her irl, and How, because she is the coolest.
  4. Mommabear

    Mommabear Member

  5. The10thDoctor

    The10thDoctor Active Member

    can we just cut through the bull...WHY is she so great?
    Tell us why you think she is..her qualities etc
  6. Sorceress

    Sorceress ..Bow Down To Thee..

    My favourite!
  7. Cowie

    Cowie Jack lives here

    I really like her so far.
  8. gobbledock

    gobbledock New Member

    Love how she was telling Tim how it is so soon after meeting him. I feel like she could be great!
  9. Cowie

    Cowie Jack lives here

    I'm a bit disappointed she had a sook. Sooky housemates are the pits. I would not have picked her as a sook at all.
  10. Sorceress

    Sorceress ..Bow Down To Thee..

    To be fair I don't think they've been fed.
  11. Cowie

    Cowie Jack lives here

    She's gonna be sleep deprived tomorrow too. Can they really send them to bed without tea?
  12. Sorceress

    Sorceress ..Bow Down To Thee..

    I'm guessing they will cook some sort of dinner etc.
    I think Tully is a bit of control freak, Tahan was showing cracks with Tim as well.
  13. Wormow

    Wormow New Member

    Michael on his relationship with Tully: we both worked in advertising and became twitter mates a few years ago! Good egg. Backed hard.
    Estelle: well ain't that somethangg!! Tim has been studying your ways.....
  14. mutleyp

    mutleyp Thrive & Conquer

    One of my faves
  15. The10thDoctor

    The10thDoctor Active Member

    I reckon she got a female hard on when she saw Sonya!
    And i could understand why too
  16. Melore

    Melore Tiny Member

    I suspect she's a temporary. For a lesbian, she sure lit up when Mathew the ex-soldier appeared on her side of the fence.
  17. misspuddingface

    misspuddingface My centre of gravity sucks...

    I love that she told Tim off already. :)

    Love real people (Or people who just tell it how it is, regardless of it being their real selves or not).
  18. TullyBBAU

    TullyBBAU New Member

    Had a laugh when Tully was talking about Tim. Wasn't a big fan of Tim at first, but what he did at the end was hilarious getting Tahan in the shit.
  19. Sorceress

    Sorceress ..Bow Down To Thee..

    Probably because he's a blokey bloke and lesbians love their blokey blokes....the convos are more exciting and they're less intimidating.
    That doesn't make her a 'temporary' it makes her a normal dyke.
  20. kbomb247

    kbomb247 Member

    In terms of being forthright, feisty etc...she strikes me as the kind of person Estelle would have been had she not been ostracised by the masses.
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