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Eviction 11 - Betting Odds

Discussion in 'Australian Big Brother Talk' started by jb4493, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. jb4493

    jb4493 New Member

    Opening odds:

    Madaline 1.40
    Boog 2.80
    Jade 7.00
  2. phatbeats33

    phatbeats33 New Member

    Easy money...I just put $100 on Madeline.
  3. TullyLovesDrew

    TullyLovesDrew Well-Known Member

    looks pretty anticlimactic this week
  4. GalPal

    GalPal New Member

    No way will Jade have the most saves this week.
  5. yukikodancer

    yukikodancer New Member

    Will anyone even bother voting this week? Maddie would have to be the most obvious evictee for the season. No one cares about her at all.
  6. Poona

    Poona Well-Known Member

    Reckon? She's been the female with most saves in the past. Not sure how boog is to surpass that.
  7. AM_092

    AM_092 MR. DREW

    If Madaline was smart, she'd pull out all the guns this week. ENTERTAIN US!
  8. Matt725

    Matt725 New Member

    That high for maddy. I would have thought it should be $1.00 lol
  9. Mrs Butterface

    Mrs Butterface Well-Known Member

    She's lost quite a bit of support it seems and people on FB at least are already organising votes for Maddie and Boog to try to get Jade out so that could affect her %. If Tahan fans jump on board she's in big trouble I think.
  10. GalPal

    GalPal New Member

    Jade is boring as batshit. She has been swapped 3 times and up for eviction 3 times. In 3 evictions she has had highest female, but not highest overall. Tahan has had overall highest 3 times. Boogs had a great percentage for her first time up.

    Boogs is funny and energetic and has really brought fun into the house. Viewers are getting sick of watching boring ones. Jade needs to go.
  11. BBfan-

    BBfan- New Member

    There's no way Maddie will get more votes than Jade. I'm 100% certain of this. Trust me. :p
  12. hedgo18

    hedgo18 New Member

    I think boog might get top saves this week, she will have Tim, Tahan and Drew fans rooting for her.
  13. Mrs Butterface

    Mrs Butterface Well-Known Member

    haha I'm pretty sure we would've said the same about Ed vs Ben and look wtf happened there. After that debacle, I seriously wouldn't be surprised if they managed to get Jade out.
  14. Zealot

    Zealot New Member

    Officially #TEAMJADE

    Jade has a MASSIVE fan base (which I never previously understood). She did from day dot. Massive percentage saves. Even more fans since the Sugar Sisters + Mikka have been evicted. She's got the sympathy vote (from Ed completely playing her) in addition to the fact that she's probably (along with Madaline) the only one that doesn't give a shit about the game and the outcome. Jade, as much as I don't like her, I think is actually completely being herself. She's head over heels in love with Ed, and is just enjoying her time in the house without any kind of manipulative agenda. Which I've grown to respect. I actually hope she wins now. She's not a vindictive bitch like Tahan or a crafty, malicious game-player like Tim.
  15. BBfan-

    BBfan- New Member

    No, I knew Ben's time was coming to an end. Jade's isn't over yet. Maddie is going home. I'm serious - I can promise you this. I will give you $100 if I'm wrong. I don't normally make predictions where i could be wrong but there is no possible way that I could be wrong about this. No one is going to be spending large amounts of money to keep Maddie there, no matter how much they want Jade evicted.
  16. phatbeats33

    phatbeats33 New Member

    As much as I'd hate to lose $100...I'd get over it if it was Jade who went.

    Still...now that my money is on the line I want it to be Madeline that goes, in all honesty she has done NOTHING to deserve another week, same goes for Jade really, I mean what exactly does she DO ? ...and then theres my sick and twisted sense of humor that wants to watch as Ed leaves before Jade...I'm the kinda sick bastard that laughed his guts out when Jades head almost exploded on eviction night the week Ed was up against Tim and Ben. Yeah, I think I'd get more pleasure seeing Jade watch Ed leave the the other way around...perhaps because I suspect that if it was Ed watching Jade leave I reckon he really wouldn't give a toss deep down inside.

    C'mon Madeline, you're such a useless housemate I'm sure you can do it....help papa bring home the bacon.
  17. Mrs Butterface

    Mrs Butterface Well-Known Member

    I totally hope you're right as there's no way I'd want her gone before Maddie but I wouldn't be shocked if it happened. It took them awhile to figure out how to vote in order to evict someone but now especially with only 3 people up and only Boog out of the "cool group" to vote for, I absolutely believe them now when they say they're piling votes on Maddie to get Jade out.
  18. mikkafan

    mikkafan New Member

    I think Tahan fans are saving their pennies for another week.
  19. Splashedblue

    Splashedblue New Member

    I got dem dollar dollar bills out for Jade!
    $100 every day till eviction where I think I might double or triple it depending on my confidence.
    Money ain't no problem for me :D
  20. BBRen

    BBRen New Member

    Mikkayla fans are voting for Jade it seems, who knows I honestly wish Ed went before Jade..Only because he uses her.

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