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Celebrity Big Brother UK January 2014

Discussion in 'International Big Brother' started by bbspy, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. bbspy

    bbspy New Member

    It's that time of year again!

    New eye logo:

    Rylan and Emma:

    • Launch date looks to be either the 2nd or 3rd of January, announcement due next week
    • AJ Odudu has left the presenting team - Iain Lee will now co-host Bit On The Psych with Rylan
    • Carol McGiffin (from CBB12) will appear on Psych each week as the head panellist
    • There's no Bit On The Side on Sundays this series
    • The new house has an 'opulent' and 'high class' theme with reports claiming it's modelled on a Russian palace
    • ...and there's going to be a 'big' launch twist. Surprise!
  2. pecan

    pecan Active Member

    I like the eye.

    I haven't watched since the series Denise Welch was in, I probably should have stopped the series before on a high. Is there any speculation yet on who's going in, or is it too soon?
  3. Inigo Montoya

    Inigo Montoya Well-Known Member

    I wonder what B or C list American celebs they will get this time.
  4. Kingston

    Kingston Canadian Royality

    I'm glad they've gone from a complete revamp of the eye rather than trying to winterize the last one, which makes this the second eye after CBB8 that has it's own stand alone eye...

    It's not my favorite but at least it's a return to the same sort of detailing in the previous one and it's certainly better than some of the final Eastlock eye's from the C4 era... I will say this time and time again, other than the incessant use of the clouds the one thing C5 have got right is the branding...
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2013
  5. Kingston

    Kingston Canadian Royality

    I can't say I'm really that worried as long as whoever goes in is interesting... I wasn't all that interested in the last two summer series casts...
  6. Inigo Montoya

    Inigo Montoya Well-Known Member

    Courtney was OK, better than Dustin at least. Her friendship with Lauren was cute.

    Dustin was a massive casting failure.

    Doesn't he have a reputation for being an dickhead? Well he didn't act like that in the house.
  7. Brekkie

    Brekkie Global Moderator Staff Member

    Looks like they're repeating the trick from the summer and trying to pass off the second episode as the continuation of the Launch Show, with provisionals showing the CBB Launch Show on Thu 2nd and Fri 3rd January for two hours each. It's bad enough they milk putting 12 zelebs in the house over 2 hours, never mind stretching it to 4.
  8. Kingston

    Kingston Canadian Royality

    I actually didn't mind the launch of the summer series... And considering the length of the series 4 hours over two nights should allow us to get a decent grip on the storyline right from day 1... It might be a bit of an overkill for a Celeb series but unlike the BBAU's 2 night launch 4 hours means the twist won't get in the way of seeing any real action from the house...
  9. nutmeg

    nutmeg Active Member

    An opulent theme will be fun.

    But I'm disappointed that AJ left. She was terrible in the phone room, but apart from that, I thought she was pretty funny with the guests.
  10. Kingston

    Kingston Canadian Royality

    I'm interested to see how the house has changed since the summer series as they are getting better at revamping the house for the summer CBB series... That being said particular area's such as the bedroom were much better in the regular series... I'm really not sure if I buy what they are saying about the house being a gilded prison though... It seems that they say that year on year but the celebrities are always treated much better than the civilians are...
  11. nutmeg

    nutmeg Active Member

    I've often wondered what is in the celebrities' BB contracts. Obvously when you see that Rylan and Mario were allowed to leave the house for work purposes, they have special conditions. Would love to know how far they can push it. They always get more alcohol for example, though I'm not sure that is necessarily an advantage for many of the celebs.
  12. Brekkie

    Brekkie Global Moderator Staff Member

    Launch now confirmed for Friday 3rd Jan - so just the one launch show at the moment. Claiming to have the shows biggest twist - so yet another anti-climax to look forward too. When will BB realise that if you genuinely have a big twist the best way to pull it off is to keep quiet about it until the HMs are locked up!
  13. Kingston

    Kingston Canadian Royality

    But TBH [MENTION=87]Brekkie[/MENTION] those words have really lost all meaning now in relation to pretty much any Reality TV show nowadays... Anyone going in would be stupid to think that there is no twist in store and most viewers with connected braincells pretty much already knows it's going to a variant of a previous twist and it will be dissolved within the first days of the series...

    The revealing of the Secrets and Lies theme for BB14 before the HM's when in to hiding was silly but I think in this case they've been pretty low key... Just as I've said before they keep insisting the CBB series will be harsher than the last and the house is always outfitted in a much more luxurious fashion than the regular series so no surprises really... The celebs know they are in for something regardless...
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2013
  14. Mr_Alex

    Mr_Alex New Member

    cbb13house1.jpg cbb13house2.jpg cbb13house3.jpg cbb13house4.jpg cbb13house5.jpg cbb13house6.jpg cbb13house7.jpg cbb13house8.jpg cbb13house9.jpg

    The house is looking mighty fine. I'm getting excited! :D
  15. Brekkie

    Brekkie Global Moderator Staff Member

    Horrible horrible house - really not liking it at all.
  16. pecan

    pecan Active Member

  17. timmydownawell

    timmydownawell aka tdw

    I like it: it's suitably gauche for their z-list "celebrities".

    I didn't watch the last one because they were so z-list I didn't know who a single one was.

    I once said it doesn't matter if you don't know any of them because you get to know who they are by watching. But I take that back, you need to know at least one or two just to hook you in, IMO.
  18. Kingston

    Kingston Canadian Royality

    I agree with [MENTION=87]Brekkie[/MENTION] they really missed the mark on this house... I find it's disappointing because I've always said Channel 5's strong points have been their houses and their branding...
  19. tharmathy

    tharmathy Australian…we will say no more.

    The new Diary Room Chair looks a little tacky
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2014
  20. zac

    zac Mimimimimi

    I kinda like it for a change, but I wonder how long it will take for that white carpet to turn all manky.

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