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Big Brother Norway/Sweden, BB Brazil

Discussion in 'International Big Brother' started by Brekkie, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. Brekkie

    Brekkie Global Moderator Staff Member

    A few editions going on around the world - firstly Big Brother Sweden returned yesterday - and it's merged with Big Brother Norway. Not to sure of the details, but it runs for 16 weeks with 9 HMs from Sweden and 9 from Norway all living under one roof.

    See: http://www.bigbrother.no or (if your Swedish is better!) http://www.bigbrother.se

    From the houseplan it looks very much as if the house will be split into two at some point.

    Also, Big Brother Brazil is in it's fifth series: http://bbb.globo.com

    It uses the same format as last year, a re-working of the US Head of House format. HMs compete for HoH - the HoH nominates one person to automatically face the eviction vote, with the other HMs voting to determine the second nominee. The public then vote for who should be evicted.
  2. emjoi

    emjoi New Member

    If someone can point towards torrent sites for these....
  3. rewn

    rewn New Member

    The *besT* Big Brother International forum is http://www.jokersupdates.com

    Pics and movies at http://realityskin.net/free.php?c=World&s=Big Brother Norway Sweden

    Fron the first days pics it look like it's going to be a cracker !

    BB5 Australia - April
    BB5 Brazil - 10th January
    BB1 Bulgaria - now until 16th January
    BB2 Columbia - 2005
    BB1 Croatia - now until 26th December
    BB1 Finland - Quarter 1 2005
    BB5 Germany - now until 1st March 2005
    BB6 Germany - 2nd March 2005
    BB4 Greece - March 2005
    BB1 Iceland - 2005
    BB VIP Italy - 2005
    BB3 Mexico - 6th March
    BB4 Norway / BB5 Sweden - 23rd January
    BB1 Paraguay - 2005
    BB1 Peru - 2005
    BB4 Poland - March 2005
    BB3 Romania - March 2005
    BB1 Serbia - March 2005
    BB6 Spain - now until 22nd December
    BB1 Thailand - 2005
    BB6 USA - 5th July
    Celebrity BB3 UK - 6th January
    BB6 UK - May 2005
    BB1 Venezuela - 2005
    The Farm VIP 2 Portugal - January 2005
    GHVIP2 Spain - January 2005

    Also possible, but not yet confirmed:-
    BB2 Bulgaria - late 2005
    BB2 Croatia - late 2005
    BB7 Spain - Sept 2005
    BB5 Portugal - 2005
    BB6 Italy - 2005
  4. Kiya

    Kiya Dirtly Little Secret

    GO SPAIN! lol 7 series! Didnt Big Brother Start there or was it the netherlands?

    BB1 Croatia - now until 26th December

    WHAT!!! they're in there for a year??
  5. Brekkie

    Brekkie Global Moderator Staff Member

    Big Brothe began in the Netherlands in 1999, but reached Spain and Germany pretty quickly, followed by the USA and UK in 2000.

    Many series do run for a year now - Germany being the first to do so. Interesting the next series begins immediately after this series.
  6. Fenix

    Fenix Well-Known Member

    Isn't that the Big Brother Village one that's set to last forever...or until ratings drop and it gets cancelled at least? :D
  7. DaMaNiAc

    DaMaNiAc New Member

    man looking at that germany certainly love their BB :D I watched a bit of it before when the year long one started. Couldn't understand anything but it was something to watch between Neighbours and Hollyoaks lol :D
  8. rewn

    rewn New Member

  9. Dave

    Dave Guest


    i watched the first two eps of bb norway sweeden

    i don't get it at all. i thought i saw 2 people enter one house, then 8 different people wandered in, with the 2 nowhere to be seen. since i can't understand a word of it, i'm assuming the following:

    - 2 houses side by side, a norway house and a sweeden house.
    - i think i'm watching the norway house. since they never show the sweeden house, i assume that they have a seperate program. it doesn't make much sense to have houses side by side (for a merge one would suspect), and yet not show norway what has happened in the sweeden house and vice versa.

    - i did see them open a window above the kitchen for 3 seconds, and thats why i think they live side by side. if someone can fill me in with what is happening in this norway/sweeden thing, that would be really good :)
  10. emjoi

    emjoi New Member

    You didn't watch Australian BB3, I assume....
  11. Dave

    Dave Guest

    of course i saw aus bb3

    it's bloody confusing only because i can't understand a word anyone says.
  12. rewn

    rewn New Member

  13. Brekkie

    Brekkie Global Moderator Staff Member

    Anyone have further updates on these?
  14. BB004

    BB004 New Member

    BB Sweden/Norway - Day 67

    The divide was taken down after a couple of weeks. Dennis moved on to Hannah after Bete left and continued having sex, sadly (for Dennis) Hannah was evicted on Day 51. There are 10 housemates left (4 Swedish and 6 norwegian) and 47 days to go. Two new housemates entered the house recently, (the 23rd and 24th) but one was kicked out after a few days for not disclosing that he had a criminal record.

    BB Germany 6 - Day 36

    Two housemates have been evicted so far, two have walked and one was kicked out after a few days. A married couple have also entered the village.

    BB Thailand - Day 4

    Started a few days ago. There are two free live streams which can be accessed via the official website.

    Last edited: Apr 6, 2005
  15. Dave

    Dave Guest

    has anyone found episodes on the net anywhere of bb germany?

    i can find norway/sweeden and also thailand, but can't find germany.
  16. im_an_aussie

    im_an_aussie is watching

    where do you find these? i would love to see an overseas big brother... thanks
  17. rewn

    rewn New Member

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