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Big mistake compromises eviction voting

As Australia prepares to go to the polls Big Brother made a big mistake in Friday night’s show which could inadvertently affect the outcome of this weeks eviction.

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How much did you spend on voting this year?

Here are some anecdotal facts for you – how much did the average Big Brother viewer spend on voting this season?

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Voting line error: Layla’s votes going towards Estelle?

There’s been reports from various Big Brother viewers that while attempting to vote via phone for Layla to win, they get a message saying the vote has gone towards Estelle.

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Here’s how voting will work

Our sources have revealed that in addition to the regular 1900 phone and text lines, this year the public can vote to save housemates via Facebook. We’ve already seen Facebook voting was in the making, but here’s some extra info: You can only vote to …

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Strategic voting is back – hurrah!

It’s nice when you get to this end of a Big Brother series and some housemates finally click on that the show show is really, on the inside, a game. Strategic voting is the easiest way to get in and out of the diary room …

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Goldman admits voting mistake

Mike Goldman earlier today said that showing the graphs so early into the night, with the identities revealed, was a mistake because their computer hardware simply could not handle the volume of votes. Speaking on Sydney radio station 2dayFM, Goldman went onto say that if …

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Voting problems bug Aleisha line

We have received various reports of problems with the 1902 voting line for Aleisha, particularly within Western Australia. On one account a Big Brother voter told us they called over a period of two days and each time was told their vote had been registered …

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Producers backtrack on voting graph pledge

Big Brother producers have broken a promise made just two weeks ago to provide viewers with more accurate information about how their votes are split – with the latest pre-merged eviction graphs showing no percentages at all. Following the double eviction of TJ and Bodie, …

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Q and A with Big Brother’s executive producer

Want an insight into the making of Big Brother? Executive producer Alex Mavroidakis has taken questions from our forum users and gives some hints at what to expect this season.

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Big Brother returns in 2014

It is official! Big Brother returns next year for a third season on Channel 9. We think this is a good opportunity to highlight what Channel 9 are doing right and where they need to improve between now and the launch of Big Brother 2014.

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Tim wins Big Brother 2013

Tim Dormer has won Big Brother and banks $250,000. Tahan Lew-Fatt was the first to go, winning 3rd place and a prize of $5,000 cash, while Jade Pietrantonio came 2nd, losing only to Tim. Jade won $10,000 cash and the Presidential Suite TV.

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One week left, what’s on and when?

Big Brother finishes with a 2 hour finale on November 6, but what’s in store from now until then?

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Voters claim their Ben save texts were not confirmed

Mere minutes after the shock eviction of Ben the regular claims of unconfirmed votes began to appear.

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Justynn sets the record straight on his exit

Former intruder Justynn is clearing the conspiracy theories surrounding his departure last weekend.

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Looks like Nathan has walked

Big Brother has announced a housemate has “made a sacrifice” and walked from the show. It’s looking like Nathan is the walker.

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