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All change for Big Brother

Divide axed, Showdown moves, "Late Night Feast" debuts

Day 20

17 August 2013

Posted by Brekkie

There are a few things to look out for over the next couple of weeks as Big Brother rings in the changes and introduces a new late night show.

bbba-bbau9-timechangepicFirstly on Monday two housemates will be kicked out in the first double eviction of the series – and then just a couple of days later the divide will be removed and a new bedroom will be revealed.

Showdown will move to Thursdays due to the NRL Finals at the weekend and will now be linked to saving and replacing a nominee each week, with the nominations superpower instead being awarded by the weekly evictee, as it was last year.

And finally on Tuesday 27th August a new weekly late night show will make it’s debut at 9.30pm – with “Late Night Feast” promising to focus more on adult conversations than nudity and smut.

Thanks to all those who’ve provided information on our forums.

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