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Day 12

Original Big Bro: we told housemates to say it was the editing

Get out of jail card for misbehaving HMs


Think the editing of Big Brother 2014 is a little wonky? Spare a thought for the original Big Brother who copped the blame for housemates who behaved badly.

Day 11

Bookies pick Gemma or Jake to be evicted first

Plus a surprise winner is picked in early odds


Bookies have picked either Gemma or Jake to be the first housemate to be booted from the Bee-Bee House. Revised odds released today by Sportsbet show they are favourite to receive the least number of save votes, but it’s a close race with David and …

Day 10

Which housemates have connections?

And which current housemate attacked a former housemate on social media?


A handful of this year’s housemates have some eyebrow-raising connections with previous housemates, personalities on other reality TV shows and even Channel Nine employees.

Day 10

Tonight’s nominated pairs leaked

Spoiler alert - nominations leaked online!


Tonight’s nominated pairs have been leaked online by a user who says she has “connections to Channel 9″. Spoiler alert! Do not look at this image if you don’t want to know!

Day 8

Two poodles are entering the house this week

New housemates are not of the human kind


Confused over Channel Nine’s promos about “two new housemates” entering the house so soon after the season started? It turns out these new housemates will be house pets.

Day 4

BB silences family response to Jason’s coming out story

They say they love and support him


Jason’s family say they love and support him, but Channel Nine’s social media army have been deleting the family’s responses after Jason’s coming out story was aired on TV.


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