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Day 45

Channel Nine cancels Friday Big Brother… again!

BB becomes a sinking ship


Nine continue to throw the Big Brother schedule into disarray after cancelling the Friday daily show for the second week in a row. After last week’s unexplained cancellation Big Brother reappeared on schedules for this Friday 24 October but Nine have suddenly pulled the plug …

Day 44

Lawson still in the running to be a finalist

Cat doesn't have so much luck - has Lawson got a way with it?


Lawson’s cheating ways haven’t affected his odds of being a finalist of Big Brother 2014. Betting agencies still have him as a strong contender to land somewhere in the final 3 – 5 housemates. Cat on the other hand has bombed out completely.

Day 44

Ex-housemate says Lawson’s girlfriend will enter the house

Meanwhile Lawson leaves their relationship up to Candice


Ex housemate Ryan Buckingham (2012) has said Lawson’s girlfriend Candice will be entering the house.

Day 41

Nine’s BB replacement bombs in the ratings

Should have stuck with Big Brother

Big Brother: Heading for the Axe?

Channel Nine’s experiment to cancel Big Brother on Friday night has ended up being a huge ratings mistake, with the replacement 1995 movie ‘Goldeneye’ rating significantly lower than Big Brother did the friday before.

Day 40

Katie caught out using homophobic language

Lisa and Jake also in the sin bin


Sometimes you don’t really get to know a housemate until they’ve been evicted. And some evictees need some serious lessons in using social media.

Day 38

Big Brother airtime shrinks, again.

Friday's Big Brother dumped for Bond movie

Inconsistent starting times and days evicted from the schedule

The Big Brother weekly schedule continues to shrink with the Friday daily show now out of the schedule. This comes not long after Big Brother: Sunday was dropped as of last weekend.